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Swedish food security delegation visits Mumbai

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Swedish food security delegation, led by Stig Orustfjord, director general, National Food Agency Sweden visited Mumbai on February 18, 2015, to share best practices in the fields of food security, supply chain management and ways to reduce wastage. The delegation consisted of companies like Tetrapak, Tempix, BillerudKorsnäs, DeLaval, Petainer and Livsmedelsverket (Swedish National Food Agency). The delegation had series of meetings with leading retail companies.

Fredrika Ornbrant, consul general, Sweden, Mumbai said, “Sweden has always been recognised for its healthy dietary habits, safe foods and innovative practices in food transportation. India today faces the problem of providing sufficient food to a significant share of population. Swedish food regulations and recommendations are looked upon highly and have a leading edge for strong supply chain management with a well-founded framework to reduce wastage. Hence there is a large potential for both India and Sweden to share their best practices and collaborate to create solutions that suit India’s specific needs. Further to this delegation visit, I hope that it will lead to a two- stream exchange of ideas that would help stimulate the topic of food security and synergies between the two countries at both business and cultural level. I am sure that in the long run Sweden and India can join hands for a better future in eco-smart food choices and minimising food waste”

Orustfjord said, “I am pleased to be heading this Swedish Food Safety and Security Delegation to India and to represent the Swedish National Food Agency. India is one of the world’s largest producers of a number of food products which of course entails lots of opportunities as well as challenges, not the least within the field of food safety and security. Swedish companies, such as the ones represented in this delegation, have extensive knowledge and experience within this field and can address several of the issues that the Indian market is facing. I am looking forward to this event. I am confident that the meetings we have had will be productive and lead to a deeper understanding and collaboration between Sweden and India.”


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