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Sumeru launches India’s first ready to serve 2X stronger filter coffee decoction

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Regular coffee drinkers want their coffee just so – the right amount of decoction, milk, the amount of coffee foam (or not), sugar (or not), and the colour, – brewed the right way makes for the perfect cuppa. Today, while the original steel filter for coffee brewing still finds pride of place in the kitchens of true blue coffee lovers, uber chic coffee shops equipped with espresso machines and smart coffee makers have brought a certain je ne sais quoi to coffee drinking. It’s chic, hip, and “let’s meet for coffee” is the perfect line for venturing out into anything new or establishing something old. Understanding this love of coffee that spans the length and breadth of the country, Innovative Foods (IFL), India’s leading food manufacturers under brand name Sumeru is introducing Filter Coffee Concentrate – A ready-to-serve, on-the-go, quality filter coffee decoction that is 2X stronger, easy on the wallet and rich on the palate.

Sumeru’s filter coffee decoction will be India’s first authentic South Indian filter coffee brand to be introduced in North India across retail stores, with coffee beans picked from the best coffee plantations of South India. With more coffee per cup than other filter coffee decoctions, the filter coffee decoction comes sans sugar, or artificial flavours and colours, in convenient one 100 ml sachets, each serving up to 10-12 cups of rich, strong filter coffee. Priced at Rs. 55/-, the filter coffee decoction is strong and rich in taste, convenient, affordable and the right brew for every season. Each secondary package consists of 12 dispensers each, with every dispenser containing 12 packs of 100ml. The shelf life of the decoction pack is six months, however, once opened, the coffee decoction needs to be stored in a refrigerator and consumed within 10 days for best results.

Speaking on the launch of their latest product, Mithun Appaiah, CEO, Innovative Foods, said, “Considering the fact that Indians are coffee lovers, getting good quality coffee is not easy. Moreover, brewing the rich and ‘just right’ South Indian cup of coffee is a time-consuming process. However, we at Sumeru can help our consumers overcome the time and convenience barrier and bring them that perfect cup of coffee in no time. With Sumeru’s Pure Filter Coffee Decoction, consumers can look forward to enjoying their cup of coffee just as they like it – rich, flavourful and with the enthralling aroma that makes coffee, coffee.”


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