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Sonal Holland Wine Academy launches ‘60 Minute Wine Pro,’ online certificate course

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India’s decade old institution providing world-class wine and beverage education, Sonal Holland Wine Academy has launched the pioneering 60 Minute Wine Pro, a 100 per cent online introductory certificate course to the world of wine. The course is designed and delivered by Sonal Holland, India’s only Master of Wine.

The 60 Minute Wine Pro anticipates the need of India’s F&B industry, which has grown not just within urban cities but beyond these centres into II and III tier cities and remote getaways too where access to quality, affordable and accessible wine education is lacking. This course aims to fulfil the burgeoning demand for elevated beverage service standards by teaching a global curriculum tailor-made for the Indian market. This beginner and intermediate level online course is intended for hospitality professionals in various stages of their careers, students and budding enthusiasts over the legal drinking age, who wish to deepen their knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of wine. Designed in English, the course is priced at Rs. 2200 inclusive of taxes, online access to learning modules, an evaluation test and gold-standard certification of completion from the Sonal Holland Wine Academy.

“We are thrilled to launch our first online course at the Sonal Holland Wine Academy, with many more exciting courses to follow. The 60 Minute Wine Pro is an insightful, informative and innovative way to learn about wine. We remain committed to the cause of developing a new cadre of beverage professionals in the country by making world-class education on wine, sake and spirits widely accessible and affordable across India. Designed for wine professionals, it is also suitable for wine enthusiasts, who want to navigate the riveting world of wine and discover a whole new world of refined taste,” said Sonal Holland, Master of Wine and founder, Sonal Holland WIne Academy.

The online medium of instruction offers individuals the flexibility to pursue the subject matter at their own convenience and pace. The course is divided into 10 modules, each which explores an important aspect of wine through a series of audio-visual cues, pro-tips and Holland MW’s professional insights. In just over 60 minutes, participants will learn:

  • What is wine, how wine is made and where wine comes from – style diversity of the Old and the New world of wines.
  • Principal grape varieties and must-know wines to make an impression.
  • Pairing wine and food – creating complementary food and wine pairings by understanding the fundamental principles.
  • Reading a wine label – learn to read a wine label and decode information about a wine’s origin, style and quality to help you make an informed decision.
  • 10 popular wine myths – debunk snobby false facts, which clouds our decision-making skills when picking a bottle of wine.
  • Wines of India – India’s fascinating wine-making history, popular wine styles and notable wine producers

The Wine Pro course covers topics which are excellent resources for sommeliers and hospitality professionals who are seeking to advance their careers by supplementing practical knowledge, including:

  • How to assess the quality of wine – what distinguishes a great wine from an ordinary one.
  • How to taste wine like a sommelier – taste a wine like a pro with four simple steps.
  • Storage and service of wine – proper care and the smooth, efficient service of wine.

Upon completion of the 10 wine modules, students are required to assess their learning through a simple, 20-minute multiple choice test. Individuals signing up for the programme are required to undertake the evaluation test within 30 days of signing up for the course. Students successfully completing both the wine modules and exam are awarded a gold-standard certification of completion from the Sonal Holland Wine Academy.


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