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Shraman to tickle Delhi’s palate for Marwari food

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Jain, Marwari and Satvik food restaurant Shraman, which opened at The Ashok in New Delhi recently, hopes to get more Delhiites interested in the cuisine. According to chef consultant Devinder Kumar who was involved in conceptualising the menu, the restaurant’s primary target clientele will be the Jain community, but there are hopes that others would be open to experimenting with the cuisine. “There are limited number of restaurants in Delhi serving Marwari food. A lot of R&D has gone into our dishes and we have special Marwari staff. We expect the restaurant to be busy during lunch since the Jains believe in eating before sunset,” he said.

He added, “It is difficult to convince people to eat food without onion or garlic, but so far we’ve seen that people are enjoying it.” Asked what age group the restaurant would be targeting, he said, “It would be primarily between 35-45 years since young people are not so keen to try vegetarian food.”

Shraman comes under the umbrella of the well-known Sagar Ratna chain of restaurants. There are plans to open more of the same restaurants within a year either fully owned or under the franchisee model.


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