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Restaurant brand Social opens 26th outlet in Vashi

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Vashi Social is the 26th outpost of the iconic chain, and finds its home inside Inorbit Mall by the iconic Palm Beach Road. Over the years, Social has become synonymous with a community space that effectively employs great design, food, drinks, and more in a collaborative way.

Riyaaz Amlani, CEO & MD, Impresario Handmade Restaurants, said, “Social’s unique identity has been solidified over the last five years as a community space. Whether it’s for a work meeting over a cup of coffee or a weekend wind-down with the gang, Social is everything an all-day cafe needs it to be. Vashi is a neighbourhood that was missing a collaborative space that is not only functional but also fun at its very core. We’re happy to fill in the blanks with our 26th outpost in the country.”

Housed inside Inorbit Mall, the new outpost provides a stark contrast to the glitz, glamour, and flamboyance that these shiny structures are associated with. Rather, the area is shielded with pixelated glass and convex mirrors that distort how we look at things traditionally, allowing for a counter-culture perspective that’s at the heart of what Social stands for. The corten steel and firebrick interiors of Vashi Social are complemented by a lush cover of plants. Corrugated steel and exposed metal resemble an urban ruin that has been repurposed as a whole new object. The rusty, warm edges of the furniture indicate dilapidation but showcase an appreciation for beauty in imperfection that grows on you.

Faizan Khatri, the lead architect from Studio Eight Twentythree, who brought the outpost to life, said, “The thematics of this space have been inspired from the rustic yet industrial tones of abandoned construction sites. We have played with the duality of these uninhabited spaces that were meant to be housing projects, throughout the many layers of this space. The interior design gets experimental with natural and earthy colour tones which work in contrast to some quirky elements in the form of intentional vandalism that is so iconic to Social.”

Social made waves with its quirky food and drinks menu, bringing about major trends in the local dining scene. Famous for putting an experimental spin on all-time classics, going through the menu is no less than going on an adventure. Vashi is all set to have a taste of the iconic breakfast trays, Death Wings, Awesamosas, China Boxes, and cocktails like Trip on the Drip, Old Smoke, Thai Maalish, and more.

“Social is all about creating an engaging experience offline, and that reflects even in our food and drinks menu. Whether it’s our 1000 ml Longest Long Island Iced Tea (L.L.I.I.T) or the latest pizza section on the menu, be it our inventive cocktails or our quirky dishes, our offerings try to involve diners in an experience that’s larger than just eating. Vashi SOCIAL is all set to become the neighbourhood’s go-to community space,” says Mayank Bhatt, business head, Social.


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