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Renaissance Hotels unveils new marketing campaign ‘Discover This Way’ to immerse guests in local cultural experiences

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As part of its reimagined global design strategy, Renaissance Hotels, part of Marriott International, recently announced its continued brand evolution with a new ‘Discover This Way’ marketing campaign that reinforces the brand’s promise of delivering the unexpected experiences. To commemorate this, Renaissance Hotels let their guests uncover the soul of their neighborhoods around the world with exclusive experiences and perks from the brand’s ‘This Way’ partners on its eighth annual Global Day of Discovery on May 16. The brand will also begin to introduce a new visual identity for the first time in nearly eight years which will reflect what they offer today; a sense of clever theatricality and an open invitation to experience something a little unexpected during guests’ travels.

This year’s annual Global Day of Discovery celebration, which takes place at 160 hotels in more than 35 countries, will spotlight the Renaissance Hotel Navigator, who – counter to a typical concierge – knows to show guests how to discover destinations like a local by handpicking discoveries that cannot be found in a guidebook.

Speaking about the campaign, George Fleck, VP of global brand marketing & management, Renaissance Hotels, said, “We have been on a mission to continue to evolve what Renaissance Hotels offers today, and this year’s Global Day of Discovery and new “Discover This Way” campaign officially marks a new era for the brand. Today’s travellers want to feel like they’ve experienced the DNA of the neighborhood in the destination they are visiting and make the most of their trip. With help from our ‘This Way’ neighborhood partners, we are committed to giving travellers something a little bit unexpected every step along their journey.”

From live performing artists to savoring delightful Indian cuisines, Renaissance Hotels embarks on a journey to create unexpected moments for guests in line with the new marketing campaign.

The brand’s new “Discover This Way” campaign is inspired by the idea that every trip can be a tale. From the brand’s surprising approach to design to its original take on beverages and its team of local Navigators, Renaissance Hotels will help its global travellers make memorable experiences.

The Renaissance hotels in India including, Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Renaissance Lucknow Hotel, and Renaissance Ahmedabad Hotel, set the mood for the spontaneous to happen, inviting guests to learn and experience something they weren’t planning. The celebration creates moments wherein travellers come together to discover cultural elements in unexpected ways.

Navigators uncovered local haunts for guests from the iconic Tipu Sultan Summer Palace in Bengaluru to hidden artworks, neighborhoods came alive on Global Day of Discovery.

To punctuate the new campaign and eighth annual Global Day of Discovery, and India being a melting pot of cultures, Renaissance Hotels is set to offer guests the gift of remarkable experiences rich of varied cultures, heritage, sights, sounds, tastes and art that makes each city unique.

The worldwide celebration open to global guests and local residents is created to encourage travellers to discover the hidden gems that give neighborhoods their soul – from culture tours to exotic local cuisines. These unique experiences coupled with entertaining performances and evening bar rituals are sure to inspire stories worth sharing among travellers and locals alike.


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