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RARE India unveils ‘RARE Sustainability Initiative’ campaign to plug sense of responsible luxury

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A vacation in its true sense is a luxury but cannot be experienced without burning fossil fuels and some amount of social, economic and environmental impact. However, given the positive impact of tourism and hospitality, especially with concepts that are a part of the RARE Community, we believe every vacation has the potential of being a conscious choice and also a transformative experience of learning that will allow for choices that will mitigate carbon footprints. A key differentiator of every RARE hotel is its commitment to the community and its focus towards being conscious and aware of the impact of any tourism and hospitality activity. Conservation of heritage and nature, no-motor activities, community engagement and positive impact on their livelihood, intangible cultural heritage highlights and transformations, sensitive land and resource use, etc are key to the RARE community. It believes in this conscious luxury, which is guilt-free and earth-friendly! In the coming months as they work on several initiatives, their commitment towards conscious luxury will be reflected in the initiatives of the community which we will be sending you.

The RARE community has been a pioneer in the sustainable tourism space. The community has been established on sustainable values of conservation, preservation, low carbon footprints, watershed management, local community engagement and against over-tourism. RARE India has recently launched the RARE Sustainability Initiative to address streamlined execution of no plastic; safe garbage disposal; sensitive land use; water shed management; measurable community impact; activities impact and transformative execution.

The first campaign launched under the RARE Sustainability Initiative is aimed at eliminating the use of plastics in all forms, especially single use plastic, across hotels in the community and enabling them to adopt a no plastic policy in a phased and measured manner.


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