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Neeren Tewari: My Menu plays a pivotal role in the contactless dining model

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As per the WHO and FHRAI instructions, F&B outlets can have either a disposable menu or contactless digital menu. Offering an all-in-one platform including Tablet Menu, QR Menu, QR Ordering and Online Ordering, Neeren Tewari, director, My Menu India, says how My Menu is helping eateries adapt to the contactless dining model in the new normal

How is ‘contactless dining’ increasingly becoming a go-to model for hotels as well as restaurants?
As per the WHO and FHRAI instructions outlets can have either a disposable menu or contactless digital menu, this accompanied by ordering and payments is reducing contact to the fullest where My Menu plays a pivotal role. Menu is the single most used item in a restaurant and opting for contactless dining will ensure that the germs are not transmitted from one person to another and there is no wastage of paper. Hotels & restaurants are employing other measures too to ensure minimum contact in dining as well.

While businesses are suffering from cash crunch issues, among others, how are you at My Menu encouraging them to adopt the model through minimal investments, moratorium, etc?

We at My Menu have addressed this head-on. Ours is an All-in-one platform – Tablet Menu – QR Menu – QR Ordering – Online Ordering – starting at a monthly fee of Rs 2350 per month. We want to ensure health safety and contactless norms as set by the government. The core objective of our platform is to increase the average check value of any restaurant. We have audited figures which show an immediate increase in average check value by anything between 20-30 per cent! This increase in revenue alone pays for our service in the very first month.

Moreover, we are offering QR Menu for free to any restaurant coming onboard during this time. The decision to offer complimentary QR ordering was taken purely out of concern for our colleagues in the hospitality industry and their guests. It does not matter the price tag, in any company it takes time for approvals. We realised this indecisiveness is putting people’s health at risk, hence the decision to give it out for free allowing companies the time to make an informed decision.

The restauranteurs have understood that the primary way to survive the economic impact of the pandemic is to pivot and to transition to the solutions that are being adopted by the western nations too.

What new additions are you planning to add to the QR code enable menus? Are you considering any more digital services pertaining to contactless dining?

My Menu has had a contactless QR option even in pre-Covid times. In fact, it was a tertiary feature. It is already available in 142+ languages. The key features of My Menu are:

Upsell your food & Increase Guest Satisfaction! – My Menu showcases beautiful images and videos which upsell the food. Moreover recommended items help in increasing the average check value! What the consumers see is what they get, ensuring that the guest expectations are met, increasing their satisfaction!

Detailed Description of the Dish – My Menu showcases each menu item with image/video on autoplay, information on the ingredient, calorie count and recommends items that pair well with the menu item the customer is browsing.

Customisable Menu- My Menu understands the importance of representing the brand across all collaterals including the digital menu. My Menu is 100% customizable which allows the restaurant to showcase their menu in their own colors and images. Moreover, it is also possible to run a video as a background on the start screen.

Efficiency Enhancer- Unique QR Code per table helps identify the table number and orders are sent straight to the order panel increasing efficiency.

Future roadmap for My Menu?

My Menu is run by hospitality professionals who are in real-time connection with the requirements of the hospitality industry. We have a lot many exciting features coming to help our partners showcase and sell more effectively to the customers and at the same time ours is a user friendly and a cost-effective solution.


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