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Lavazza in India primarily focuses on the HoReCa segment: Jai Ganesh Ramnath

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Focusing essentially on the HoReCa segment, Lavazza India vouches on the hospitality sector to introduce authentic and novel Italian coffee experiences in the country. Jai Ganesh Ramnath, MD, Lavazza India in conversation with Akshay Nayak highlights the company’s expansion roadmap in India

What do the current trends of coffee consumption in India suggest moving ahead in the new decade?

Coffee has been growing steadily and we foresee a healthy forecast for this decade. Away from home is driving the growth in coffee consumption. The trends show that more & more youth are adapting to newer trends in coffee much faster. Though the per capita is still low, it makes a brand like Lavazza India to focus more on coffee education. We along with our partners focus on serving the newest and best coffee experience.

What training and development sessions are included at Lavazza training centres?

At the Lavazza training centres, we offer courses which are designed to equip both beginners and professionals in the industry ranging from coffee enthusiasts, batch baristas, cafe managers, and coffee shop owners. Our state-of-the-art training centres are equipped with our freshly roasted beans, 12 different espresso machines and a wide range of coffee equipment. The aim is to provide candidates an overall exposure and hand-on experience on the processes involved in brewing a perfect cup of coffee. Lavazza’s Barista Programme educates the participants on the different types of coffee beans, methods of processing, blending and roasting the beans, espresso brewing, milk foaming & latte art techniques. We also host personalised training sessions tailor-made for a candidate’s specific needs. We make sure that through our training sessions, we update the audiences about the emerging trends in the coffee industry through our expert trainers.

Which other initiatives are you considering to educate the Indian consumers on the rightful consumption of coffee?

A legacy of knowledge on coffee is shared through our training centers. Two years ago, our training sessions began in Chennai first, in 2019 we expanded and opened our 2nd training center in Mumbai. Along with the trainers and coffee experts, we educate our partners too in serving the coffee the right or rather the best way. We are planning to roll out more training centers in India to spread the culture of the art of coffee! We are also working with journalists & lifestyle bloggers to spread the knowledge on different yet rightful ways of coffee consumption.

How does Lavazza India contribute to the Indian HoReCa sector?

Lavazza in India primarily focuses on the HoReCa segment. Globally we have seen that in low coffee penetrated countries, HoReCa plays a big role in creating fascination in the category. A passion for excellence that makes every cup a unique experience. Lavazza invented the concept of blending is the art of combining different types of coffee from different geographical areas in 1895. For over 25 years, we have been training top professionals in the HoReCa circuit, promoting Italy’s quality coffee culture around the world, and innovating new blends. Different activities and spaces require different approaches. Lavazza creates tailor-made solutions to help coffee professionals offer their customers excellent products and services in every space and context. With emerging taste profiles, Lavazza had mastered the art of blending and continuously endeavor to satisfy every profile with varieties of coffee. With the growing trend of cold brew we launched Tierra Colombia, ¡Tierra! – a unique blend of as many as 20 different coffees, selected from the best beans and toasted with care. This excellent product is sustainable throughout its supply chain. There is a great pull from the market for organic & sustainable blends, for which we have launched Lavazza Alteco that represents a blend of origins from uncontaminated mountain plantations that practice organic farming and respect the principles of environmental sustainability, according to the UTZ standards. This indeed helps to collaborate with our partners to serve the best to them.

The way forward for Lavazza India?

We will continue to focus on HoReCa in 2020. Lavazza will be at the forefront to help and grow this through coffee education. We will invest more on our training centers to spread the areas of expertise associated with coffee, to maintain the quality standard of the product at an excellent level both in terms of preparation and consumption.


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