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Lavazza announces Rob Thomas as the winner of the artistic Instagram competition ‘TOwardTOmorrow’

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On July 10, the Final Round Judges of Toward Tomorrow, the 2020 international contest from Toward2030, What are you doing? picked up the winner of this year’s Instagram based competition. With a grand prize of 10k Euro to engage global creatives in a discussion on Art and the Global Goals the contest is supported by American magazine Juxtapoz, Art and SDG ambassador Art Helps and the United Nations SDG global Action campaign.

In the project, creative director Charlotte Pyatt also aligned 17 global NGOs all using art as a bridge to urgent action to generate support and awareness for their respective causes, while championing the power of culture.

From over 400 entrants, the jury formally announced this year’s winner as Prickly Sauce, a UK based artist whose work embodied SDG16, Peace Justice and Strong Institutions.

“The bound hands of justice grab tightly the fingers of the peace symbol binding both as strong institutions.” – explained Rob Thomas (Prickly Sauce) – “The chain pulling out sideways reinforces this strength. It feels like a strong image that visually represents the relationship and the fact that these are ultimately about people and their lives.”

“We are filled with enthusiasm today for the official nomination of the winner of this innovative edition of Toward 2030. Toward 2030 is an award-winning cultural project conceived by Lavazza’s Sustainability Department and executed in 2018/9 with the City of Turin. Covid-19 forced us to rethink 2020 plans to consider how we continue our mission in this difficult time, Toward Tomorrow was born! The initiative offered economic support for artists and highlighted the efforts of NGOs across the world, more fundamentally it allowed us to maintain our core mission of using art to communicate awareness of the global goals in ways that were engaging and impactful,” commented Company board director Francesca Lavazza.

The competition was a playful way to address the global issues that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Composed by two sections: over and under 18 and two financial awards (for the over 10.000 € and 1000 € for the under) every stage was constructed to incite positive and meaningful discussion to reflect on how Art engages with the world. This aligns with another active Lavazza campaign The New Humanity.

An International panel of Art and Sustainability ambassadors were appointed to select the winning artist, they include: Francesca Lavazza (Lavazza Group), Evan Pricco (Juxtapoz Magazine), Martha Cooper (photographer), Marina Ponti (UN SDG Action Campaign) and Wisam Salsaa (the Walled off Hotel) together with 17 Ngos selecting the final 17 artists (1 winner per SDG category) from all over the world using art and culture as a universal language to raise awareness on CSR and sustainability topics.

“The mission was to encourage artists to consider their work through the filter of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We couldn’t realise our efforts for 2020 in public space, and so we adapted with an online project to unite artistic and sustainability communities in a positive and meaningful way during Covid. Of the many aspects I am proud of for TOward TOmorrow, I am inspired and humbled by the trust, energy and awe-inspiring work of the incredible 17 organisations we were able to align with. This was one of the most challenging aspects of this project, but certainly one of the most rewarding in demonstrating creatively and practically how art can mobilise people toward action. The level of engagement and support we have received from artists has been overwhelming, a true celebration of the transformative power of culture and its ability to affect meaningful change in the world,” remarked Charlotte Pyatt, ceative director of the Toward Tomorrow campaign.


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