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Hotels must continuously keep an eye on the market and look for the changes: PPFI

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Established in 2015, Purchasing Professional Forum of India (PPFI), is an association catering to purchasing professionals across the HoReCa sector. It is an advisory body formed to support, develop purchasing function across the hospitality segment. Amarjit Singh Ahuja, president, PPFI and director of procurement, Le Meridien, New Delhi

By Harcha Bhaskar

What are the effective procurement strategies of hotel to remain competitive?

With current changes in technology and systems, every day there is a new challenge for hotels to adopt a competitive purchase strategies. The best possible strategy nowadays is not to go for long term contracts as every year there is a new way of handling the purchases. Hotels will be looking for cost effective and less expensive technologies.

What are hotel purchase trends in 2019?

Hotels will continue as they are doing currently as these years are good. Since the big international players are entering the market quickly i.e. Marriott, Hyatt, etc., not only the big hotel chains but many players like Metro Cash and Carry, Amazon and Flipkart, etc., will decide the new trends in the market.

How has GST impacted the purchase decisions in hotels?

As in totality GST has had a positive impact on the hotel industry, except for the tax slab for hotel guests. Getting credit and reduction in GST rates is a good benefit for the hotel industry.

What effective pricing strategies can hotels adopt?

Each hotel has its own pricing system and putting a thumb rule that this pricing strategy is the best may not be right. Hotels must continuously keep an eye on the market and look for the changes. Organised sectors are coming in a big way and their systems of working will impact our strategy for example, Metro Cash & Carry, LOTS, Amazon, Gati Courier, etc.,

What is the future vision of PPFI?

PPFI will go steady and grow with time to come. In the next month we are starting in a big way in Rajasthan. We soon will be starting the employment wing which will assist in finding jobs. Besides this, we are setting our permanent office where one dedicated employee will be sitting to support all the purchase people. PPFI is a completely professional and nonprofit forum purely for the development of the purchase fraternity.


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