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Hospitality industry is a major driver for LG Electronics’ commercial air-conditioning business in India: Sunil Khatwani

Speaking about the major business drivers for LG Electronics India’s  commercial air conditioning segment, Sunil Khatwani, business head & VP – system air conditioning division, remarked that hospitality and healthcare industries, and educational institutions are the brand’s potential clientele.

Focusing on the hospitality market, Khatwani said that it is one of the fastest growing industries for them. “Also, the number of hotels that are coming up in India is actually a good business for us. We are focused not only on hotels but also restaurants and QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) segments for our commercial air-conditioning range,” he told EFH.

For larger hotels, LG offers chillers, while the medium to large hotel structures go for VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems and scroll chillers. “For the restaurants and QSR segment, there is a variety of products that we have on offer including cassette and ducted AC units, and VFR systems,” he said while speaking about the range of products that the brand offers to the hospitality industry in India.

The share of LG in the commercial air-conditioning system markets is divided as per the product on offer that they are having, told Khatwani. “In inverter cassette and inverter ducted range of AC units, we are number one in the market, but in terms of chillers, we have come in late so we are slightly below the leaders, but we are picking up very fast. Our new product on offer i.e. the magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller – people are showing a lot of interest in this product for its long-lasting efficiency, cost & energy saving proposition, and also is silent with decreased vibrations. Since hotels run 24×7, with the use of these magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers the total power consumption by HVAC systems will further drop by 10-20 per cent. Having presented the data to hotelier clients, they are showing keen interest in this product,” he added.

“We have substantially increased the energy efficiency of our products to the best level or near to the best as compared to competitors while depending on the products. For example, our VRF segment is the best in energy efficiency, which is very popular in the medium to large sized hotels. For the restaurant space our inverter cassette, inverter ducted AC units are having the best energy efficiency already. Also the larger hotels, we are providing them with the magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers of which I mentioned earlier. Moreover, we are also offering green refrigerants in all our products which is the second USP. And thirdly, noise reduction of our products is one of the best. Also, our range of products have easy-to-maintain filters which restrict a significant amount of dust particles from entering the air. For example, in the cassette unit, at the press of a button, the grill comes down after which one can remove the filter, clean and then put it back, hence making it hassle-free. So taking care of all these aspects together, our Greenovation philosophy is in-line with our hospitality clients’ efforts for sustainability,” told Khatwani.

The brands that we are currently servicing in the hospitality industry are Lemon Tree Hotels, Holiday Inn, Wyndham, Clarks, among others.

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