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Grover Zampa plans to launch spa hotel

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Akshay KumarNashik

Foreseeing a big potential for wine tourism in India, Grover Zampa Vineyard, one of country’s oldest wine makers are planning to launch a spa hotel in their Sanjegaon, Nashik vineyard. The hotel would be located amidst the vineyard, which will be one-of-a-kind hotel in India. This hotel can attract a large number of tourists as Grover Zampa already has various wine tourism packages to complement the stay.

Speaking exclusively with Food & Hospitality World, about the status of the hotel, Sumedh Singh Mandla, chief executive officer, Grover Zampa, said, “We are actually in terms of negotiation with two international groups. We should be able to make progress within the first quarter of 2014, mostly by February or March we should be able to sign the deal and move forward. The idea is that we should have a hotel with spa, up and running within the next three years.”

I think there would be at least a minimum 60 plus rooms, we would end up anywhere between 60 to 75 rooms and also some villas,” he added.

As a part of promotion of wine tourism in the country, Grover Zampa organised ‘The Great Grover Stomp’, which is a festival to celebrate the first harvest of grapes. This festival welcomed a large number of wine aficionados from the neighbouring cities like Mumbai, Nashik and Pune. The guests got a chance to taste the most-relished wines produced by Grover Zampa and they also indulged in grape stomp.

Speaking about the wine tourism aspect, Mandla said, “We are looking very seriously in terms of raising the bars of our hospitality experience. We are aggressively promoting vineyard tours in both our locations, Nashik and Bangalore. We have already initiated many promotional social events in our wineries – we get large corporate groups, top-end social groups as well as wine lovers. The Great Grover Stomp is an event to say thanks to our loyal consumers and also tap new consumers and enlighten them about the wine-making process.”

In the next couple of years Grover Zampa is planning to launch new fine dining restaurants and also organise more activities to promote wine tourism in India.


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