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Gourmet coffee brand Coffeeza introduces two new flavours

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A gourmet coffee company focused on changing the tried and tasted method of how people drink their coffee in India, Coffeeza recently launched flavoured gourmet coffee capsules, namely in-demand flavours like Chocolate and Hazelnut. The brand aims to pave a modern way for people to prepare and consume great-tasting, premium coffee in India.

So far, the gourmet coffee experience in India has been all about sipping coffee in a boutique café or buying coffee grounds from a store, but this misses on addressing a few pain points of a coffee lover. With their special one-time investment coffee machine, Coffeeza claims to give the experience of a gourmet coffee within seconds.

Rahul Aggarwal, founder, Coffeeza, said, “It was the fondness for coffee that impelled me to take a chance and introduce this arresting coffee culture in India. I take pride in saying that through Coffeeza, we have worked towards enlightening the Indian populace to the new-age method of making and drinking gourmet coffee. My personal favourite out of the two new flavours is Hazelnut because of the unique nuttiness it adds to the coffee. I’m sure our customers will love the new variants which will further motivate us to keep exceeding their expectations through our future product launches. We want to keep striving to change the way coffee lovers prepare and consume great-tasting, premium coffee in India.”

Coffee capsules keep the coffee grounds fresh for as long as 24 months unlike ground coffee, which loses its freshness and aroma within a few days. Additionally, the traditional method of roasting, grinding, brewing is time-consuming. Coffeeza claims that it addresses the innate desires of coffee lovers of enjoying great-tasting barista-style coffee such as Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Americano and more in a matter of seconds, in the comfort of their home or office. The product range comprises of Italian & Belgian coffee in the form of capsules and best quality coffee machines.


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