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Elanpro celebrates ten years of providing state-of-the-art commercial refrigeration solutions

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Elanpro recently celebrated 10th anniversary as a leading provider of innovative, customer centric commercial refrigeration solutions. The celebration is expression of the company’s last 10 years of pioneering products and services and continuous evolution.

In 2009, Ranjan Jain, Sanjay Jain and Shashank Goel set out with a vision to provide excellence in after sales service apart from providing state-of-art refrigeration products used in HoReCa, retail, dairy and ice cream industry, and pharma sector. Over the course of 10 years, Elanpro has evolved from a small niche to a technology enabler in refrigeration sector. The company has built a tradition of excellence in providing its customers with innovative refrigeration products.

Elanpro continues to work closely with customers and vendors to help identify and introduce equipment to meet unique and demanding performance requirements. The brand logo is now considered an assurance of consistent quality and rigorous attention to maintaining high standards of performance.

Over the last 10 years, Elanpro and the people involved in it have worked hard to develop and maintain trust and integrity in everything they do, from bringing market-moving technology to our growing eco-centric product portfolio.

Today, the brand has expanded its global presence to Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Elanpro has expanded its national reach with the help of over 310 dealers and 68 employees who are passionate and committed to enhancing the company’s role as a reliable partner for its clients, able to face the challenges of the fast-paced global environment.

“We are very proud to celebrate this milestone that we love to summarize with the claim ‘10 years of customer centric service’. In the last ten years we have been boosting our products knowledge and transforming our company, and now we are very excited to see what our future has to offer” said Sanjay Jain, director, Elanpro.

He added, “During these last 10 years, our passion for state-of-art technology, the distinctive competences and skills of our people, and our industrial roots have been the engine behind our daily efforts to invest in new capabilities and continuous innovations for our customers and partners. Our ambition is to follow this path, keeping our eye on the long-term to continue to create long-lasting relationships and strengthen our position as one of the most trusted worldwide company.”

He also said, “Now more than ever, businesses require products that are eco-sensitive, cost effective and trusted. Elanpro is all of those, and it is something we work hard to maintain. We are focused on delivering high quality products which is dedicated to our customers. I think next 10 years will be even more exciting, both for the sector and Elanpro.”

The celebration includes business events in the month of November and December, launch of new version of products, and various dealer scheme which will happen throughout the year.

The company kicked off its celebration with the dealers’ meet in Delhi. The celebration was attended by dealers, employees, and partners.

Focusing on sensitising and educating the industry to use eco-sensitive products, Elanpro will be conducting various interactive sessions. The company also plans to continue its fight against hunger. Elanpro’s Happy Fridge initiative in association with Feeding India is set to take a next scale as we touched a magic number of 130 installations in 45 days. With this association. Elanpro has been promoting food donation as well as curb food waste and food loss. The platform brings in Feeding India together with businesses, corporates, RWAs, citizens, volunteers and local bodies to work with each other to prevent food loss.

Leveraging its heritage, the industrial principles of its group, and the passion for technology of its professionals, Elanpro plans to continue anticipating the trends and introducing solution that not only give high return on investment but also greener environment.


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