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Chef Ranveer Brar launches food app showcasing his experience-influenced recipes and RB’s diet plan


Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar has recently launched the ‘Chef Ranveer Brar’ app which provides a wide array of 1100 recipes and over 300 videos to help one cook food from Chef Brar’s vision.

The RB App in association with Amazon’s Alexa assists one to cook the recipes listed on the app, hence initiating a hands-free cooking process.

Speaking about the app launch, Chef Brar told Express Food & Hospitality, “The RB App for me is about putting together my recipes; my experiences; stuff that I have cooked; stuff that I have liked; places that I have gone to; food that I have eaten, all put together in a package. It is also an interesting app because it has something called RB’s diet plan, which is my food mantra to stay healthy. It is a one-month diet plan free of cost, and all that one has to do is, just sign on after which they cannot have processed food, refined flour, refined sugar, etc. And, once they sign on to the diet plan, we will chase them down and make sure that they follow the diet by sending constant notifications and recipes that will help them to follow the diet. We are also tying up with a company to help all the diet groceries delivered to one’s doorstep to help them be on the track of their diet plan.”

Talking on the sidelines of the app launch, when asked about his favourite ingredient, he told it is Nachni because it is one of the most nutrient-rich foods and one can use it in many ways. “Nachni can be used to make Nachni milk – which has the highest calcium content. It can also be used to make poridge, and one can also make Nachni popcorn and many more things from that one single ingredient,” Chef Brar said.

Hailing from Lucknow, when queried about the city’s influence on his cooking, Chef Brar said, “Lucknow has everything to do with me being in the food space. The way the city takes its food, treats its food and talks about its food, I think it is outstanding and that is what has kept me going through the years.”


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