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Black & Green introduces India’s first extra virgin Avocado oil

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Rushabh and Miral Parikh are the couple behind India’s first ethically curated multipurpose avocado oil company, Black & Green. Black & Green was established in the year 2018. According to the founding couple, cooking oil market in the last 10 years has seen a drastic change. The supermarket shelves are overcrowded with numerous refined oils with fewer healthy option for the consumer.

Following their passions to crossover health and wellness borders has led entrepreneur-duo, Rushabh and Miral Parikh to introduce a revolutionary product in India. Currently a distance runner and weightlifter, co-founder Rushabh discovered the inaccessibility to quality grade oils and a lack thereof in the Indian market along with co-founder and wife Miral – together they decided to bridge the gaps in the industry. They both put behind their respective careers in the real estate and investment banking and made it their mission to accomplish something in the health sector. This led to the launch of Black&Green, a sustainable and quality brand which has introduced India’s very first extra virgin Avocado oil.

Speaking about the product, Rushabh said, “After having consumed poor grade refined oil which predominantly have artificial ingredients which do more harm than good to the body, we decided to address this issue by introducing an oil that is right for the Indian population.”

L-R Miral and Rushabh Parikh

The name Black & Green strikes a harmony between soil and produce. One cannot exist without the other and they want to strive for the same balance and harmony. Good fats and clean oils are the need of the hour and Black & Green are exactly doing that by ethically curating sustainable products with a minimum of carbon footprint while maintaining the highest quality standards and ethos.

The couple believes, “The kitchen should be a cornerstone of a happy house and healthy body but in the age where food is fast and easy, it’s time we slow down and make eating a priority again”. Their mission is simple in the philosophy of farm to fork. Black & Green uses the world’s best HASS avocados in their oils making it completely unrefined and extra virgin. The avocados are imported from the world’s best avocado producing nation Kenya. A multipurpose avocado oil catering to age groups ranging from infants to elderly that can be used for high heat cooking which includes baking, grilling, sauteing to pastas and cold salad dressing. It can also be used for hair, skin and face. Black & Green products are currently available on Amazon, Big Basket and a store near you. What started out as a mere idea is now a family run business that promotes ethically made, natural products which will hopefully create ripple effects for future generations to come.


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