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9th edition of HPMF Convention, the first in south India, will showcase Kerala’s hospitality and culture: Dr Nitin Nagrale, founder & general secretary, HPMF

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The ninth edition of Hospitality Purchase Managers Forum (HPMF) scheduled at Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty, Kerala will address key points to consider for effective procurement in hospitality through multiple seminars and presentations by international and national procurement veterans. Akshay Nayak spoke to Dr Nitin Nagrale, founder & general secretary, HPMF to get his insights on the event which opens tomorrow

What new things are scheduled for the ninth HPMF Convention?
Until recently, we have been concentrating on the west and north part of the country. But, this year, with the 9th edition being hosted in Kochi, Kerala, we are showcasing the culture of God’s Own Country to HPMF’s esteemed members and partners. HPMF conventions are known to showcase and provide experience to its members about a destination and its diverse offerings. The culture of the location is imbibed into the four-day event. The difference this year is that, it is HPMF’s first convention in south India. Also, the tourism department of Kerala is supporting us for we are showcasing their culture through this region-themed event. We will be celebrating the same through food, dance, attire and colours of Kerala. We planned the menu for this convention over the last three months. Not even a single dish is repeated.

What are the key points to be discussed during the convention?
The convention revolves around the concept of Vasudeva Kutumbakam, which means “World is one family”, so we are trying to come together as the procurement fraternity. We have a lot of emphasis on the processes in which we will be showing – leadership development in procurement; being eco-friendly and green procurement; vendor development and social aspects of procurement. All these aspects will be showcased through seminars and individual presentations by the who’s who of the hospitality procurement fraternity. The three days will become one to help the purchase managers to focus on better procurement aspects for the hospitality industry. The event will be graced with the presence of Lebana Penkar, VP – HR, Adfactors PR, and also other known personalities like Lions Club’s ex-governor, among others. Each of the speakers are procurement veterans, who will talk about the procurement processes across the world and how we can improve our methods of procurement to make the process seamless.

How many delegates are participating in the convention?
Around 225 delegates from over 40 cities will be present for the convention. Professionals from the Middle East and Bangladesh have been a part of the convention last year. Interestingly, we will be receiving people from Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal too this year. So the delegates, sponsors and speakers in total represent 12 different countries.

How are the economic reforms impacting procurement processes?
We get rebate, so rationalisation of GST doesn’t impact procurement a lot. But, once GST becomes a mandate, people will have to start looking for options which will help reduce the overall input cost. So now, procurement process for the purchase manager has become more complex as he has to do research and development. In spite of multiple challenges like the economic slowdown, revamping of GST regime, and also talent acquisition is challenging with lesser people switching jobs, procurement processes will be streamlined soon, by HPMF majorly addressing these factors.

Future roadmap for HPMF?
We recently launched our new international chapter in Nepal. We have received an overwhelming response since our entry this year, with 122 members already on board. Our motive is to help procurement professionals of Nepal to develop through this platform. We have presented to them the book, “Basics of Hospitality Procurement” which we launched last year to take better procurement decisions. Furthermore, we will be setting up training sessions internally in Nepal so they understand the best procurement practices in the world.


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