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‘Faucet nozzles by Altered help save 90 per cent of water consumption’

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Altered, a Swedish innovation company that provides low effort-high impact solutions has introduced a tap nozzle that reduces water consumption up to 90 per cent without affecting the functionality of the faucet. In conversation with Akshay Nayak, Mikael Abbhagen, head of design and co-founder at Altered speaks about Altered branded water-saving equipment’s application in the hospitality industry

What lack of awareness in saving water did you witness across industries to innovate the product
Altered: Nozzle?
The awareness about water consumption is still at a very nascent stage. We are not so aware of how much water we personally consume and how. Growing up, we’re conditioned to using water in a particular way and we do not see a need to change a few habits. In regular tap water gushes out at around 10–12 L/min. Most of it just passes your hands, meaning you only use the water that touches your skin. This results in billions of gallons of freshwater running straight down the drain every day. Through our patent-pending technology, the Altered: Nozzle atomises the water, breaking the water up into millions of drops. Creating a high-speed heavy mist shooting out of your tap. This drastically increases the surface area of the water, making it possible for you to get in contact with every single drop of water coming out of your tap. Altered: Nozzles help you understand how the use of water is more about functionality and less about quantity. They assist you in not just becoming more aware, but also evaluate personal consumption mathematically. Hence proving that one must use solutions that help us use only how much we need, in the interest of a better future.
Using these nozzles, one can wash hands & clean dishes with better functionality & efficiency, yet use 90 per cent less quantity.  Altered: Nozzle puts the onus on us, to stay conscious and re-habituate. It’s a lot about re-conditioning mindsets.

What is the USP of Altered: Nozzle’s diverse applicability?
The resultant water savings without the loss of functionality is its biggest USP. The Nozzles retrofit existing faucets. The fittings are universal, with adaptors for most taps provided with each piece. It is a quick and easy solution to get a huge impact on water and energy consumption today.

Hospitality industry being a major water guzzler, how do you see the Indian HoReCa segment as a
key market for Altered: Nozzle?
India is a fast developing nation, with a vast geographical spread. As development increases, so will infrastructure and consumption, leaving the HoReCa segment ever busy. Water used in hotels and other lodging facilities accounts for approximately 20 per cent of the total water used in commercial and institutional buildings. Reducing water use in hotel rooms has the highest potential impact on water savings. High consumption and the rising need to preserve natural resources earn an increase in regulations as well. Consequently, making environmental sustainability a leading factor in purchasing decisions. According to the 2015 Nielson Global Corporate Sustainability report, 66 per cent of the consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands. Yet, a majority (82 per cent) of the companies say they lack the tools and strategies to turn insights into actionables. The simplest way to start saving water is in hotel rooms, accounting for 30 per cent of the total water usage in hotels. Reduced use of water will also mean, reduced water heating and lesser pumping of water translates to savings in energy and reduction in carbon footprint. Altered: Nozzles help you meet customer demand, save on utility costs, avoid regulatory fines and add value to social responsibility.

What is the future roadmap for Altered?
We are launching an Altered: Shower now at the beginning of 2020. We are constantly expanding our product portfolio with more taps, soaps, showers and global reach. We are just getting started.


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