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With the evolution of premix drinks in India, Trinity Vintners has introduced Turning Point, a ready to drink Sangria brand, which is banking on the global popularity of this classic cocktail to tap the Indian youth segment By Akshay Kumar

The India market – traditionally a hard liquor market – is now witnessing a rising trend of cocktail culture. Sangria is one such cocktail which has sparked popularity amongst the Indian youth and women. Restaurants and pubs offer classic cocktails like Sangria by pitchers, which has become a hot selling beverage. Banking on this trend, Trinity Vintners have introduced the brand Turning Point, which is a premixed bottled Sangria. This range of ready to drink Sangrias have been introduced after over three years of extensive and continuous research on various flavours. Turning Point ready to drink Sangrias currently offers two variants – Metropolitan (cranberry and orange) and Nashik Mule (orange and ginger ale). The Sangria’s come in a 330 ml pack and is in direct competition with premium beers and Breezers.

Speaking about this new concept Ashwin Deo, founder, Trinity Vintners opines, “Sangria has, over the last few years become the largest selling cocktail in the country with all the leading hotels and bars serving them by pitchers. It is this trend that has been captured in a 330 ml bottle by Turning Point. The whole thought process is to tap the young consumers. The packaging of the product is to appeal to the youth, that is our key objective. We started doing a lot of promotions by first promoting the drink Sangria and we got a  tremendous response. In the last three to four years the popularity of Sangria has increased steadily. That is the reason we planned to launch a premixed Sangria.”

The wine industry in India has huge potential given the current level of penetration of wines. These wines are targeted towards the young consumers. The Turning Point Sangria can be enjoyed either straight from the bottle or can be made more interesting by chopping some fruits into a glass, and pouring the Sangria in with some ice. Deo states, “India is a vibrant market with one of the youngest populations in the world. The Indian consumer is increasingly enjoying a globe-trotting lifestyle whilst taking pride in all that is Indian, with high awareness levels about lifestyle beverages.”

He adds, “The USP of our brand is that it will make the experience of drinking Sangria very convenient, even the taste wont vary every time you have a glass, which will give the consumers a consistent taste. Nowadays we have noticed that women and youth prefer cocktails over the traditional hard liquor, which shows that our product has a huge potential. Youth always prefer value for money hence we have introduced our Sagrias in pints which costs around Rs 135 per pint. In my knowledge Sangrias are not available anywhere in such a packaging.”

Futuristic vision

20150531eh06Presently, Turning Point Sangria is present in Maharashtra and Karnataka and available at retail stores, restaurants, lounge bars and night clubs. The brand is soon planning to enter other Indian states and also introduce more flavours in 2015. Deo mentions, “This year we will introduce our brand in Delhi, West Bengal, Goa, Rajasthan and Puducherry. We are also planning to introduce two more flavours to be finalised soon.”

Turning Point is also looking to tap the global market. Deo adds, “In the next six months we will be present globally. Sangria has been present in the global market from decades. We are the ground breakers in the India market as of now. Turning Point is a very convenient product to be consumed at home, so I see a huge potential in the India market.”


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