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Grover Zampa: Making wine experiential

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From the recently unveiled visitor centre at its Bengaluru winery in Nandi Hills to the brand’s proposed all-glass chalet resort in Nashik, Grover Zampa is striving to bring an all-round wine tourism experience to its guests. Steena Joy presents a detailed overview of the blueprint planned by the Indian wine brand

Grover Zampa Vineyards has extended its wine offerings by unveiling a new visitor centre at its Bengaluru winery, located in the Nandi Hills. Launching an array of new amenities, the new visitor centre is a part of the brand’s overarching efforts to appease patrons, both local and international, with unique experiences to enjoy the many tangs of wine. Ravi Viswanathan, chairman, Grover Zampa Vineyards says, “We have been striving to make strong amendments to shape and grow the wine industry, raising the standards of Indian vino while making a mark internationally. Directed by this very commitment, we are extremely excited to launch Lounge de La Réserve and the newer wines, which we believe are truly reflective of the capabilities of the Indian terroir and address to an evolved wine consumer. We have a positive ambition for what the future has in store for us and the wine tourism industry, and are committed to providing our patrons with the very best in wine.”
The event also witnessed the launch of exclusive wines from the brand’s stable like – Vendanges Tardives – a rich, intense, full-bodied aged dessert wine of uncommon grace and elegance, delivering floral notes and traces of spice and apricot; La Réserve Royale Brut – a sparkling vino, partly fermented in barrels and aged for more than 30 months, this wine delivers a complex bouquet of lemon zest, flowers, fresh hazelnuts and brioche, and a new vintage of Insignia – a dry wine with medium body leading to an intricate and meandering trail of fruit-berries, coffee and chocolate, with a hint of black pepper. The culinary partner hotel for the event was Conrad Bengaluru which curated the food served at the event, a melange of various appetisers, mains and desserts.
The celebration introduced Grover Zampa’s very first restaurant and lounge, Lounge de La Réserve, on ode to their flagship wine – La Réserve; serving a fusion of Indian and Continental cuisines, providing patrons the opportunity to enjoy piquant wine pairings and delicacies. The new visitor centre also houses Cave the La Reserve, a tasting room specifically designed to conduct tastings and masterclasses in the right environment and Boutique the La Reserve, for cellar door sales of the wines. The event was complemented with an all-encompassing wine masterclass, hosted by India’s first Master of Wine – Sonal Holland at Cave the La Reserve.

Distribution & marketing
Noting the wine brand’s current distribution in the overseas market, Sumit Jaiswal, AVP – marketing & EXIM, Grover Zampa informs, “We are exporting to around 22 countries and our biggest market is France. We are available in every Indian restaurant in France, be it Paris, Mulhouse, Toulouse, and Nice. The second biggest market for us is Japan, followed by the USA, and the UK. From France we also sub-distribute to many of the other markets like Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, and Poland. We just started with a tender in Finland and Norway. We are there in Hungary, Italy and Switzeland, Singapore, Maldives, Dubai, Nepal, as well.”
Elucidating about the many marketing and distribution initiatives considered by Grover Zampa to tap the sizeable wine drinking market both in India and abroad, Jaiswal explains that initially, they would be looking into is the proper functioning of each and every winery that they have acquired or are associated with. “The second objective is to make sure that how with the premium wines, we can reach the millennials and the youth in the Tier-I cities for which we have to do market development. In Tier-II cities, we will make sure that we reach across the age brackets. There are people above 35 years of age who have the purchasing power, but the millennials are not that enthusiastic when it comes to wine. They are starting to drink wines that are value economy, so my job is to make sure that they start drinking wines from the value economy range and then upgrade to premium wines later. We don’t want Indians to drink wine everyday, but drink wine in moderation and responsibly. But, many people do perceive that wine is a healthy beverage and that is why they enjoy wine more for the taste, than getting drunk, making my job a little easier in terms of social responsibility as well,” he adds.
The brand is also eyeing to further increase its popularity as an Indian wine in the overseas market, says Jaiswal. “The third target for marketing is obviously to raise awareness for Indian wines globally because we do sell the Indian wines in many Indian restaurants but the next step is to take the Indian wines outside the Indian restaurants into conventional retail channels so that people of that country not only drink Indian wines when they visit Indian restaurants but can experience the Indian wines wherever they want to,” mentions Jaiswal. For distribution of their new wines, like the La Reserve Sparkling, Jaiswal informs that they are distributing the wine to all star hotels because that is where sparkling wines are consumed in large quanitities. However, they are looking at target stores like Nature’s Basket, Drops and walk-in and modern stores where they will be able to create in-shop visibilities in the retail channel, because the wine is premium and first to cost above Rs 2000.
“We are trying to bring a pull factor for our dessert wines because it is a limited edition, and that we did with Insignia. We are looking at publicity through print, and also digital. For us, print still contributes for 35-40 per cent sales, and similarly digital also sits at 35-40 per cent, while the remaining sales is received by word of mouth publicity,” concludes Jaiswal.


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