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Kamal Pant, Principal, IHM Pusa

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Kamal Pant

Kamal Kant Pant, Principal, IHM Pusa clears doubts on management training positions and new opportunities in allied industries

How should students prepare to crack Management Training levels post Covid?

The recruiters for management training positions aspire to hire candidates with high managerial aptitude and general awareness among other attributes. This is related to the ability of the future managers to take informed and creative decisions in challenging and changing situations faced by them eventually.  Covid pandemic is going to change the economics as well as the rules of running businesses. So the best preparation for securing a management training position in the current situation is to learn about the dynamics of Covid infection and think out-of-the-box to design the products and processes, which will mitigate the risk of this infection most effectively and efficiently.

How do you see the luxury industry changing post Covid-19? From processing to serving food, greeting guests to housekeeping? And how will these be integrated in the courses?

The expectations of the customers has always been shaping the products and processes of the hospitality industry. These expectations are seeing a sea change in the current situation. The customers would like to see the concern of the hospitality staff in ensuring their safety, even if it means that there is nobody to receive them in person on arrival at the entrance of the hotel. As long as they are guided from the entrance of the hotel to their respective rooms seamlessly. Food will have to be prepared and served with the least handling by the humans. Housekeeping standards would shift from multiple cleaning service in a room to perhaps ”clean it yourself kits” including change of linen in the rooms.

Each course in the academic institutions dedicated to hospitality is going to start with the awareness about the new normal post Covid. Besides, in every process and standard operating procedure along the way, the modification in such processes to equip the hoteliers in meeting the challenge posed by the threat of Covid infection will be incorporated.

What about the 2nd year students and their industrial training and IT interviews?

Hotels, restaurants and other allied businesses are not going to see their pre Covid business volumes immediately. In such a situation, it is not fair to expect the industry to accept the industrial trainees in their businesses. Therefore, deferring the training for some of the students appears to be a promising solution.

Final year students will face difficulty to get jobs in the industry so how should students prepare ourselves to get new opportunities with regard to department knowledge?

The biggest USP of hospitality graduates is their strength in the soft skills, which gives them great opportunities in so many allied industries like retail, institutional sales, online businesses, airport management, FMCG etc. It will be worthwhile to start working in whichever industry one gets the breakthrough in. The departmental knowledge must not only be retained and brushed up but enhanced in order to get your desired job in due course. I know some stalwarts in the industry, who have switched between hotels, consulting, property management and telecom business seamlessly.  This is going to be the norm in the days to come rather than an exception in my opinion.


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