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Chef Abhijit Saha, co-founder director, Avant Garde Hospitality

Chef Abhijit Saha

Chef restaurateur Abhijit Saha advises students to tread the path of entrepreneurship with caution

Will the way forward for a successful F&B business involve increasing involvement with online food delivering platforms even in the post pandemic era considering the paranoia among people to dine outside?

Yes and No. For the short term and under the circumstances it is definitely required. Food delivery platforms help you reach out to your customers in the comfort of their homes or in their offices and can definitely help in increasing business for most restaurants. They have also helped many restaurants sustain during the Covid-19 crisis.

However, I don’t believe that food delivery can match the experience of eating out in a good restaurant. One has to be careful about the quantum of commissions they charge and also the predatory marketing practises they promote which can destroy the very fabric of the food service industry.

Will the scope of entrepreneurship be wider than the diminishing scope of regular jobs?

I would like to believe so. But the circumstances are difficult for both employment and entrepreneurship considering the economic downturn and decrease of demand. So one must tread carefully on the path of entrepreneurship.

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