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The Goan food story

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20160815eh02It is probably India’s naturally sold out tourism destination and for most people Goa is the party destination of India. The hospitality sector too has a different story to narrate when it comes to Goa. Leading brands of the world have at times looked first at Goa and then the leading metros in the country to make their mark. Investors find the state highly lucrative as a hospitality hotspot. The state also has an interesting bouquet of products within the sector, from the top of the line properties and luxury offerings to the homestays and shack accommodation facilities. In fact the Shack Owners’ Association looks highly robust in the region, which is also quite unique. Hence it is no surprise that the 29th edition of the Food Hospitality World (FHW) exhibition is all set to offer an action packed show for all three days from Augus 11 -13, 2016.

The third show in Goa, has few firsts to its credit. The show has also entered into interesting partnerships with the Indian Professional Housekeepers Association (IPHA) and the Culinary Forum of Goa, to offer the delegates some interesting sessions and competitions all through the three day event For the first time the housekeeping department will enjoy some interesting competition rounds designed specifically for them. There will be a towel art and flower art competition for them to test their skills in this area of creative work. The event will also honour housekeepers who have proved their mettle in the business. There will also be competitions galore from chocolate making and chocolate show piece creation to wedding cakes making and food carving competitions. There will also be a special Mixology Challenge event at the show.

The Power of Purchase session this year will witness a new format. A leading light of the industry will be on the hot seat facing questions on the topic and sharing expert feedback on the industry and the way forward. Do not miss out on the live cooking events. The Think Tank with the GMs on the business of the Goa market and its investment story across categories would surely offer some more food for thought. The Knowledge Exchange session is scheduled to throw light on the wedding banquet business, which presumably will never go out of fashion.

If this is not enough, the event will also serve as a platform to launch a special book titled, Goa’s Seafood Secrets. This issue also features some of the finest restaurants in the Goa hotel space, dishing out some very special Goan cuisine, preserving the Goa food story in all its authenticity and glory.

Finally, the National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI) has launched the third NRAI ‘India Food Service Report 2016’. The report clearly states that the sector has witnessed 7.7 per cent increase in growth in the past three years and is projected to be a Rs 500-crore market by 2021. The report estimates that the total contribution of the restaurant industry will contribute to 2.1 per cent of India’s GDP by 2021. Going by the report, food will never go out of fashion and the future surely looks delicious.

Reema Lokesh


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