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The Budget Barometer

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Another Budget has come and gone. With no surprises for the hospitality industry. Tourism is still not on the concurrent list nor has hospitality been given infrastructure status. As Gurbaxish Kohli, VP, FHRAI &
president, HRAWI, said, “While the budget allocation of Rs 2500 crore for the tourism sector sounds like it may translate to spill-over benefits for the hospitality sector, we don’t have sufficient information about where or how the funds will be used.” There is no mention of a single-window process either, one that the industry has been asking for years. Chander Baljee, CMD, Royal Orchid & Regenta Hotels, our man on the cover, has stated that “What we have at best is a single window which leads to multiple doors, which are closed.”
However, the best barometer to judge the Budget is whether it will lead to a revival of economic growth or not. In that sense it definitely has delivered the fiscal stimulus needed to push the economy onto the path of recovery.
As an industry, we have certainly benefitted from tech advancement. By using automation and AI, hotels can now start maximising their occupancy, increasing their ADRs (Average Daily Rates), and reducing their overheads, says Siddharth Goenka, founder, Aiosell Technologies in his article. Many hotels have put their distribution and reservation systems on the cloud. They are able to manage the entire customer lifecycle journey, thereby building an ecosystem where they know much more about their guests so as to deliver
personalised experiences. We’re in a much more drive-by-wire environment, and hence growth is faster.
Even in Tier 2 cities like Amritsar, occupancies have shown an upward trajectory and hotels are increasingly making their footprints there, jostling for a share of the same pie. The overwhelming
response to GICC Kolkata proves that everyone is open to healthy competition.
Looking forward to our flagship GICC Mumbai in March!

Steena Joy
Express Food & Hospitality
[email protected]


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