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Rooms as islands

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Acentic has created Radiant 3 – Room Island, a novel solution that provides guests with the ability to form small, completely private networks

Not long ago, just a few guests each night would connect a laptop to the hotel’s HSIA service but now, almost every guest demands internet access; not just for a single laptop but often for two and, frequently, more devices. Furthermore, guests now travel with other technology such as content devices, games consoles and controllers, which often need to be able to communicate with each other to function properly. But – and this is where there has always been a problem – none of these scenarios is generally possible in hotels as, more often than not, the hotel’s HSIA network actively blocks communication between devices.

Why? The assumption is that all the devices connected to the HSIA network are unrelated; therefore any attempt to communicate between devices must be at best, unwanted or at worse, malicious.

So, the HSIA provider cannot simply disable these barriers as a guest must be confident, for instance, that another guest’s laptop is unable to pass on viruses or malware or that another guest cannot browse and access any files that may be inadvertently shared by a laptop belonging to another guest. Now, these issues are thing of the past!

Acentic has created Radiant 3 – Room Island, a novel solution that provides guests with the ability to form small, completely private networks for them and their family, friends or colleagues while still continuing to ensure that unrelated devices are unable to gain access.


  • Highly cost effective upgrade to existing Radiant 3 technology
  • Chargeable and therefore revenue generating
  • Safe and secure
  • Delivers a genuine USP to the hotel/ accommodation provider
  • Perfect for hotels, halls of residence, long stay apartments

How does Radiant 3 Room Island work?

Acentic’s Radiant 3 Room Island solution requires the addition of a single secure wireless network alongside the usual open guest network. On connecting to this network, the guest is prompted for login details that have already been supplied to them. If these details are valid, the wireless controller seamlessly joins the device to the room’s Radiant 3 Room Island network.

Once a device is connected to the Room Island, wherever the user goes within the property the Acentic Radiant 3 HSIA system ‘knows and recognises’ the device and enables the user to continue to be connected to the Room Island anywhere there is coverage within the property.

This allows for the Room Island network to become a chargeable additional feature and generate additional HSIA revenue for the site.

Acentic is an international integrator of hospitality technologies that connect, engage and entertain, finding innovative and creative ways to offer guests the ultimate user experience, at the same time as meeting the rapidly changing technology requirements of tomorrow. Acentic’s solutions are in many of the world’s leading hotel chains, including Accor, Dorint, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Hilton, Hyatt, Maritim, Marriott, Mövenpick, Starwood and Wyndham Worldwide, in more than 30 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


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