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Sachin Malhotra GM, Novotel Imagica Khopoli

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The dynamics of the hospitality industry in 2020
Every year we see increased number of millennials getting added into the hospitality industry, both as guest and as team members. This brings a constant change of trends which is very exciting. The hospitality industry is evolving like never before where each day introduces you to something new. With the on-going advancements, the year 2020 is expected to witness similar momentum of change towards upswing in technology, entertainment, energy and innovation in service which will vastly enhance the
hotel experiences for travellers of all nature. F&B arm of hotels are experiencing a great transformation as preferences are changing, hence we need to remain agile and guest centric in our approach. Focus on employee wellbeing, work life balance and retention of talents are peaking in the right direction. Hence, placing your customer’s expectations at the heart of your operations with an objective to deliver innovative, experiential and healthy hospitality for all stakeholders is the way forward and the industry is all set to reshape the future.

Your insights on the ARRs in the city
Imagica is a popular destination and probably the only integrated holiday and entertainment destination in close proximity to Mumbai and Pune. This sets us up for a unique competition free environment. Having the Novotel so close or in fact inside such a big entertainment getaway where there is something for each age group and interest groups is definitely a big advantage. The hotel added 165 new rooms and six suites via its new wing in September 2018 and now operates with 287 rooms and suites. 2019 has seen a steady increase in both the room nights and average rates due to this addition of fresh inventory. In 2020, the hotel is expected to continue to get benefited both in terms of occupancies and ADR with this additional capacity.

Your management mantra
We are a family entertainment destination and hence we attract all age groups. Having a personal connect with all our guest and ensuring they have a delightful stay is a simple recipe of good & consistent business. Personally, I believe in giving an open playground to my team to go out and express themselves. This freedom allows the team to customise their interaction based on each guest’s personal preferences. This has reflected well in the high satisfaction and repeat clientele numbers. Leading from behind has been my mantra as it ensures that the team uses their skills and creativity to create meaning full and unique experiences and does not follow or imitate your actions as benchmarks. This ensures that each guest gets a non-stereotype and fresh experience and this way we also make the journey more rewarding the enriching for our team members as well.


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