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Ravi Rai GM, Hilton Mumbai International Airport

The dynamics of the hospitality industry in 2020
Hospitality is big business and the dynamics are ever evolving. In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace environment, the most important factor is to provide unmatched service, rooting the hotel in its local climate while also giving experiences beyond the conventional hotel space. I believe few dynamics of hospitality in 2020 will be sustainability, technology that can enhance guest experience and reduction in overall operational costs. Hospitality providers will need to serve guests in a significantly more connected way, striking the right balance between automated solutions and human interaction.

Your insights on the ARRs in the city
The Indian hospitality industry, has emerged as one of the primary sectors which are driving the economic growth of the country. Hotels are adopting the latest marketing practices through social media, which prove to be effective in generating exposure and higher volume of bookings. There is huge scope for us to drive ARR, while North Mumbai did grew by six per cent Oct YTD vs last year, I do see an upward trend to continue in 2020.

Your management mantra
Leadership is as much about creating an enabling environment and engaging with employees on a personal level as it is about driving success and productivity. I stay connected with individuals, I do regular
one-on-one sessions to understand challenges and aspirations better. I also do recognise that people work best when given independence. More empowerment enables team to do their best.

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