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Ratan Vilas, Jodhpur

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Brijraj Singh

Ratan Vilas Jodhpur, a heritage hotel today, was once the private home of Maharaj Ratan Singh. Maharaj Ratan Singh (1887 – 1978) was a Rajput nobleman from Raoti, Jodhpur. He belonged to the indomitable Rathore clan, who were the rulers of Marwar region of south-western Rajasthan.
Maharaj Singh’s travels and experiences with and among the most prominent statesmen of that era were decisive factors in the vision he had for his home. He infused in Ratan Vilas regional architectural character that you can still see in the form, method of construction and notably the use of the beautiful red sandstone quarried from mines near Jodhpur. “Having opened its doors to wanderers from across the globe, this mansion speaks not just of a fascinating past but interweaves with its own tale that of the many travellers who enter through the archways to relax and rejuvenate during their pursuit of a little Jodhpuri Magic,” said Brijraj Singh, owner, Ratan Vilas.
The most important part of the essence of a heritage property are the people who run the day to day operations, be it the owners or the staff. “At Ratan Vilas we make it a point to interact with all our guests and encourage our staff to do so as well. We mostly hire local people. A lot of them do not have any formal training in hospitality yet they perform their duties exceptionally well and grow tremendously as individuals. Most of the heritage properties were not raised from ground up to be hotels. Thus to accommodate the requirements of a modern day traveller these properties undergo a lot of additions and alterations. It is extremely important that any additions and alterations are carried out in complete harmony with the original architecture of the building. We get lot of compliments from our guests for the layout of the property as they are not able to differentiate the original building from the new additions. People are
experimenting with food a lot these days. This provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the local cuisine without tampering with its original flavours. We are working very hard to make our guest’s meals not just lunch, dinner or a breakfast but a curated experience,” added Singh.


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