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Ranju Singh GM, Novotel Hotels & Resorts Goa

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The dynamics of the hospitality industry in 2020
Goa as a destination has been popular among the Indians and will remain to do so. With millennials willing to try new things from food to Local experiences, the Goa market is expected to be more than just a holiday destination. The Goa market has been creative so far and will continue to do so through local experiences and adventure experience. Further the international footfalls may not be the same as in the previous years. But with the Tourism Ministry supporting the creative ideas the domestic footfalls will

Your insights on the ARRs in the city
For last five years, constantly every year Goa has witnessed an addition in room supply. As supply continues to grow, the competition is expected to revise the market prices downwards. The value addition to price will be key to success.

Your management mantra
The objective is to create sustainable growth for all the stakeholders. The core management values are humility, simplicity and synergies that will lead to sustainable growth.


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