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Jai Ganesh Ramnath, Managing Director, Lavazza India

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Evolution of the food processing industry
The Indian food industry has developed as a profit-making sector due to its enormous potential, particularly within the food processing industry. Earlier, food processing was largely restricted to preservation, packaging and transportation.
However, over the years with emerging trends and technologies, the sector has broadened its possibilities. It has started producing many new items like ready-to-eat food, beverages, processed and frozen products. In terms of coffee, the industry has been growing steadily. The trends show that millennials are becoming accustomed to fresher trends in coffee. The per capita is still low, but we at Lavazza India focus more on educating people on coffee and believe in giving the best coffee experience.

USP of your products
We have mastered the art of blending and continuously attempt to satisfy every profile with varieties of coffee. Additionally, due to a great pull from the market for organic and sustainable blends, we launched Lavazza Alteco which represents a blend of origins from uncontaminated mountain plantations that practise organic farming and respect the principles of environmental sustainability which has been our key USP. This indeed helps us to stick to our commitment towards the environment and make conscious efforts to achieve it.

Future roadmap
We mainly emphasise on the HORECA segment. In a low coffee penetrated country, it plays a big role in creating appeal in this category. We will be in the forefront to cultivate this through consistent coffee education. We plan to invest more in our training centres to spread knowledge associated with coffee.


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