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For more than eight decades, Kissan’s products have been used to add taste to a meal, be it sauces or jams or other food accompaniments

Started in 1934, Kissan is now a popular brand in India selling varieties of ketchup, jams and squashes. It was primarily introduced by the British settlers in India, which was later acquired by the UB group from Mitchell Bros in the year 1950. HUL was looking to expand its product offerings in the food segment and in 1993, Brooke Bond India further acquired the brand. It adopted the policy that food should be ‘loved’ not ‘shoved’.

Since then the brand has only focused on real ingredients, fresh vegetables and fruits. As the products cater to mothers who serve their kids, all products are made with 100 per cent real ingredients. Initially, Kissan introduced new formats of food, such as canned fruits and vegetables, baked beans but over the time it came to be known as the first ever fruit and vegetable brand in India.

Kissan’s offering includes sauces, jams and squashes. Under the sauce category, it has fresh tomato ketchup, no onion no garlic ketchup, sweet and spicy sauce, chilli tomato sauce and chatakdaar ketchup. There are seven squashes including flavours like mixed fruit, mango, pineapple, orange, grape, lemon and lime juice. It recently came up with the Blast range of jams mixing the tangy and sweet flavours of a fruit, in berry, strawberry and orange variants.

Over 80 years in the industry, Kissan’s products are now used to add taste to a meal, be it sauces or jams. The new marketing strategy has led the team to share numerous recipes with mothers who can use them while preparing lunches for their kids. In terms of flavours, Kissan offers everything from  tangy red burst in ketchups, fruity jams and squashes for the summers. The brand vouches on the fresh taste and urges users to enjoy the flavours. Marking the eventful journey of growing up, Kissan’s jams are well known among the children. The latest ads have all focused on how children can enjoy eating what they love and have an adventurous childhood, filled with memories. The same way, Kissan supports mothers in understanding the health benefits, flavours and tastes of the products. The brand guides mothers on how to use the products to suit children’s taste.


In order to fulfill every consumer’s need, the brand has experimented with flavours and variants to compliment every snack, base or occasion. The creative team continuously works on recipes like aloo and ketchup rolls, mango jam paranthas, sweet and spicy chole chat or desserts topped with jam. All these recipes add additional flavour to the ordinary home cooked food and helps mother feed their kids  something different.

The brand introduced the concept of ‘Kissanpur’ to stand out as a real ingredients creator. Under the campaign, children were asked to turn farmers and get their hands dirty by growing tomatoes. The same tomatoes were used to make tomato ketchup which gave the children motivation for their efforts. The idea was to give the children a chance to experience nature and fall in love with it. The campaign was revived for 2016 ,encouraging kids to leave indoors and gadget addiction to enjoy in the outdoors. In an effort to support the the livelihoods of local farmers, Kissan sources 100 per cent of its tomatoes from sustainable sources.

Kissan also runs a sustainability programme and plays a vital role in the growth of raw materials to help the small farmers. A project was rolled out by HUL in Nasik district of Maharashtra,  for farm gate sourcing of sustainable tomatoes from small holder farmers through a public private partnership. Tomato paste sourced from this initiative is now being used in Kissan’s ketchups.

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