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Ashok Mani, MD & CEO, Intergrow Brands

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Evolution of the food processing industry
When disposable income increases, our allocation of spends tend to show a steep increase towards the different types of foods that we are wanting/willing to try. This need to try new tastes, flavours and palate is being one of the reasons why the food industry has evolved so much over the last decade. While the industry was grappling with distribution challenges, shelf life was the main focus. But, as customer got conscious of health, products with high preservatives, etc., were looked down upon. This forced the industry to look for options to have shorter time lag between production date and customer. This evolved into products made with newer technology of retorting, hot filing, sterlisation, etc. As distribution efficiency increased and cold chain improved, the ability to produce products of higher quality further increased. High pressure pascalisation and other such technologies made possible fresh juices to be sold in FMCG packs. The consumer no longer wanted pulp or synthetic flavour. so with consumers wanting newer tastes, distribution formats changing, evolution of packaging, we have seen a shift in food processing. All of these work hand in hand to drive the industry to new innovations.

USP of your products

Technology is at the forefront of all that we do. We are the first company to launch tea extracts in powdered and soluble form. We process tea leaves within six hours of plucking them and through our unique cold crafting process, convert it into soluble powder.
Not only is the product more convenient and tastier but retains maximum goodness that’s present in tea leaves.

Future roadmap
We intend to give new experiences and tastes to the Indian consumer. People are looking for a change but brands haven’t taken the leap of faith. We hope to be different and drive this as the core fundamental behind which we will launch all our products.


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