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Bengaluru’s Best Fine Dine Restaurants

Bengaluru, the garden city has always been a hotspot of varied cuisines and culinary experiences. FHW lists out some of the city’s best fine dine havens and their unique brand positioning

RIWAZ The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore


Unique brand positioning

Exe Chef Anupam Banerjee

Borrowing from the culinary heritage of North Western India, the culinary offerings of Riwaz are known for smoky, robust flavours, tender grilled meats and an assortment of traditional Indian breads. While the offerings remain true to the custom, which is the meaning of the word Riwaz, what sets this restaurant apart is the modern show kitchen. A recurring design element of jaalis, runs thought the restaurant in different patterns, lending itself beautifully to the ambience and iterating the theme of the hotel’s scenography.

An open show kitchen lends itself to the design of the restaurant, presenting diners with the opportunity of watching chefs in action, giving it an intimate feel. Adjoining the main dining area, an intimate spice table lets guest revel in the aromas of exotic spices and the wine enoteca has tasting tables at which guests may explore distinctive notes from a thoughtfully curated collections of wines. Unforgettably innovative cocktails -each inspired by indigenous herbs, spices and fruits – complete the restaurant’s distinctive beverage selection.

Exclusive offerings

Prepared in an open kitchen by expert chefs utilising celebrated traditional methods, time honoured dishes from the erstwhile undivided India, continue a rich tradition of hearty dining like Nalli Nihari – which is slow cooked lamb shanks with yoghurt, mint and our chef’s special Nihari Masala, Bhatti ka kukkad – a smoky, char grilled chicken marinated in mustard oil and a Bhatti Masala or succulent Subj aur gucchi di galouti, a cardamom scented dumpling of seasonal vegetables and morels. Unforgettably innovative cocktails – each inspired by indigenous herbs, spices and fruits – complete the restaurant’s distinctive beverage selection.


Future of dining in the city

Dining in Bengaluru is a rapidly evolving landscape and there is an immensely varied choice of dining options. There are some standalone restaurants as well, that can prove quite formidable in a sense of competition. One must continue to evolve and innovate and also listen carefully to what diners have to say. Keeping that in mind, we have introduced Indian Bento Boxes, which are compact boxes allowing guests to enjoy a fine dining experience in quick, perfectly portioned culinary experiences – perfect for our corporate guests taking a quick lunch-break from work.

Since the Ritz-Carlton brand is known for an exceptional culinary heritage, we curate fine dining experiences from time to time at Riwaz. The recent showcase of visiting Michelin starred chef Atul Kochhar in April was one such event. It is a great opportunity for our own culinary team to collaborate in this learning experience, while presenting stellar dining experiences for guests.

(As told to Sudipta Dev)

CITRUS The Leela Palace, Bangalore


Unique brand positioning

Exe Chef Zafar Ali

Citrus is our contemporary all day dining which has a plethora of cuisines that will leave our guests spoilt for choice. The indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the chefs churning out dishes from steaks, to pizza from the wood fired oven, breads baked fresh, live rotisserie roasting meats,  doner kebabs made to order, oriental stir fries from the wok and  kebab from the tandoor, we have the largest spread of options to choose from in the city.

Exclusive offerings

Citrus probably boasts of the most extensive menu for a restaurant in its category in Bengaluru. Having won the awards for being the best All Day Dining, best Sunday Brunch, Citrus is unique with its concepts which makes it stand out. The Namma Bengaluru brunch is a tribute to the regional cuisine every Saturday for lunch. Seafood Nights every Wednesday for dinner has been a part of Citrus for almost 10 years. It is hugely popular with locals and is a treat for all seafood lovers. Grill nights every Thursday for dinner is also an offering which Citrus is known for. The best meats from around the world are cooked and carved to order with a range of marination options. The Citrus Sunday Brunch is a treat for food connoisseurs with its selection and variety that has won numerous awards and appreciation. Last but the not the least, Breakfast with Santa is a unique concept which marks the beginning of the festive season in early December.

Future of dining in the city

The IT capital of the nation has a much diversified population both from around the country and across the globe. Also, in this city, the average age of dwellers is between 25-35 and they are well-travelled and like to experiment with a diversified palate. At Citrus, we combine world flavours with authenticity and that is our USP.  The success of any restaurant in Bengaluru depends on time to time change in concepts, menus and offering provided to the guest. At Citrus, our efforts have been to adapt to the current trends in F&B dining experiences. Promotions based on the seasons’ best such as mango fiesta, strawberries and more, artisanal pasta, truffles, etc … keep our guest guessing for what is to come next. Ability to adapt, innovate and progress is the way to succeed in any form of business.

(As told to Sudipta Dev)



Unique brand positioning

Founder & MD Zorawar Kalra

As an Indian and avid lover of the robustness Indian food offers, we at Massive Restaurants, take immense pride in the legacy of Indian food and have always believed that it is up to us Indians to make the effort to elevate it and reintroduce it to the world in its modern avatar, retaining its traditional roots. With this intent in mind and the endeavour to bring Indian cuisine back “in-vogue”, making it “cool” for the modern day, well heeled, discerning diners, across ages, entice the youth to take pride in the culinary legacy of this vast geographic landscape and reintroduce it to the world, gave birth to Farzi Café. It is not just known for its innovation in cuisine and mixology, but has also become synonymous with having made dining out, more funkier, offering a high energy dining experience coupled with the finest in Indian hospitality and international standards of service, proving that it is not just a fad. Farzi Café is for all those who love Indian food with their global favourites and are exploring to experience the next level of Indian cuisine and the response received from our patrons, has truly been overwhelming.

Exclusive offerings

The cuisine served at Farzi Café is a synthesis of over four decades of research and exploration across various Indian kitchens by the legendary Jiggs Kalra. The menu revolves around showcasing the robustness Indian food offers through progressive Indian cuisine. Through the use of cutting edge cooking styles such as molecular gastronomy, scientific methodologies and ultra – modern presentation, Farzi Café showcases a range of dishes through its elaborately designed menu featuring sections like Nano plates, the intricate Hoppers, mains and desserts, among others, with an equal focus and veg and non-veg offerings. With our continued endeavour to offer patrons an exclusive dining experience, Farzi Café, UB City showcases the next level of culinary creativity across its cuisine, offering a range of dishes with local flavours and influences such as Maddur vada dip sticks, Guntur chilli chicken, Varathathu fried fish, Dal moth ‘Matka Chat’, fresh pomegranate, dhokla and farsaan salad, tadka chilli, crisp nuts, chilli pork ribs, Sot shell crab bhurjee tarts, pink pepper corn, among others, that delight all the five senses with its cutting-edge presentation and innovative flavour combinations.

The outpost at UB City is also the first Farzi Café to have a micro-brewery as part of the experience. Adopting the innovative culinary philosophy, the elaborate array of molecular cocktails and liquor options perfectly complement the food, and showcase cutting edge presentation along with extensive use of some elements of molecular mixology. Farzi Café offers a quirky yet epicurean experience where you enjoy gourmet food created using the finest and freshest ingredients, amalgamating innovative, progressive cuisine and mixology with high energy ambiance for a memorable dining experience.

Future of dining in the city

Bengaluru has an international culture and its diners have a well-exposed, sophisticated palate and are open to innovative experiences. Apart from being urban melting pots of different cultures, Bengaluru is among the popular cosmopolitan cities in India, having a distinct vibe and food culture. There is a growing need for innovation, which largely stems from the well-travelled, modern age diners’ hunger for experimentation, eagerness to sample contemporary renditions of classic dishes and flavours, and willingness to explore newer experiences in the dining space, which is fast turning out to be the primary form of entertainment. To cater to the evolved sensibilities of today’s well-travelled diners, restaurants are pushing the envelope by adopting a modernist approach to cuisines, and are innovating with progressive cooking techniques, unique flavour combinations and unique presentation, to offer an iconic dish in a renewed avatar. Keeping this in mind, the menu of Farzi Café, UB City, varies slightly, in the sense that it seamlessly amalgamates popular Indian and famous global dishes with the food culture of the region, thus offering comfort food of this vast geographic landscape in a renewed avatar with modernist cooking styles, reflected perfectly in the expansive food menu and innovative beverage section, and ultra-modern presentations that our patrons in Bengaluru love and appreciate.

(As told to Saloni Bhatia)

KARIBU The Zuri Whitefield Bengaluru


Unique brand positioning

Exe Chef Vijay David Niranjan

Karibu positions itself as a relaxed, stylish and trendy all day dining, global cuisine restaurant, in the heart of India’s Silicon Valley, in the Whitefield terrain. It is a place for classic hearty meals that make you feel great about treating yourself , because our buffets are big but not heavy, they’re made of choicest and seasonal ingredients available.

Exclusive offerings

We have a quite extensive offerings like exquisite breakfast buffet with chefs interactive counters, elaborate lunch and dinner buffet with seasonal produce from around the globe, grab-&-go meals for busy business travellers, themed Sunday brunches, power packed lunches for the corporates, innovative F&B concepts, afternoon high-tea with a twist in thevIndian palate (for example pav bhaji fondue), conceptualisation of global street food at Karibu, among other seasonal innovations.

Future of dining in the city

Bangaloreans are hungry for something new always, be it ambience or food. They like to explore for new innovative menus. Every day, the doors of a new restaurant open up in Bengaluru, but what is even more exciting to see are the evolving trends in cuisine as well as in the dining experience.

The “experience” of eating: I believe experiencing food will be a trend in 2017. It is no longer about just trying a new restaurant, but rather experiencing food in what is perhaps an original/close-to-original setting. Food walks are gaining traction and I think they will really take off this year.

Sushi would be another great experience to have in the city considering we love our Japanese. It would also be lovely to see restaurants experiment with a larger variety of vegetables. Pop-ups by popular restaurants from other cities could also add a dash of spice to the city’s culinary repertoire.

Standalone restaurants/ hotels are making a big change in the market in terms of conceptualisation, strategy and innovation. The Zuri Whitefield, Bengaluru, here is by far taking it by a storm with the bigger giants in the city.

(As told to Saloni Bhatia)

BY THE BLUE Grand Mercure, Bangalore


Unique brand positioning

Exe Chef Gopal Jha

By The Blue at Grand Mercure Bangalore is a poolside restaurant that specialises in Indian specialty cuisines and the grills, offering the ideal dining ambience. This perfect location by the poolside is a feature that enhances the food and beverage experience at Grand Mercure Bangalore.

The restaurant is very popular within the ultra high networking individuals at Koramangala as well as the residential guests in the vicinity.

Exclusive offerings

Our culinary team is always on a continuous quest to offer sensational dishes using the finest ingredients. The cuisine served at By The Blue offers an ideal culinary experience to its guests with  diversified selections for palatability of one’s taste buds. The restaurant perfectly captures the mood with an informal open-air seating where we offer a vast selection from premium wines, cocktails, malt collection and finest cigars collection as well. Our outlet is also known as a hot stop for many corporate gatherings.

Our Sunday brunches entail a gallimaufry of ambrosial delicacies. The brunch buffet is dotted with fine salsa, samba music, chilled beverages and luscious desserts which makes it a gratifying experience. The brunch also includes a host of live cooking stations such as barbeque grills, fish station, pasta station and a salad bar.

Future of dining in the city

Bengaluru has always been a food-loving city with an increasing number of cosmopolitan people from across globe. The restaurant industry in Bengaluru is been growing at a rapid pace over the last decade. Guests are always in search of superior culinary craftsmanship, including both global and authentic Indian regional cuisine cooked with finesse. With the growth in this trend, the evolution of fine dining in Bengaluru city is on a rise.

With the advent of new competition from international and domestic market – the F&B business is getting aggressive. The growing Indian economy has resulted in rising income levels, thus leading to an increase in disposable incomes and rise in discretionary spending. For the urban young, eating out often forms the largest proportion of their spend. This change in the standard of living is leading to new business growth to the hotel industry.

(As told to Sudipta Dev)

SANA-DI-GE Goldfinch Bangalore


Unique brand positioning


S M Doss, Area Gen Manager

Sana-di-ge, a coastal food restaurant is another name of a whole essence of an unforgettable coastal food journey on the plate. Sana-di-ge is known for its rich and authentic cuisine derived from the legendary Konkan coast. The restaurant has a casual set-up with a regional coastal look which gives guests a cultural and contemporary feel. Be it numerous kinds of fish, prawns, crabs and squid, despite being located far from the sea, Sana-di-ge always serves authentic and fresh seafood. The restaurant specialises in providing the Catch of the Day.

Exclusive offerings

The USP of the restaurant is authenticity. There is no compromise when it comes to taste and flavour of coastal delicacies. Each dish is curated by the founder’s family and then passed to the chefs. Only the trained and chosen chefs can have the access to the secret recipes. Sana-di-ge offers a taste of authentic coastal food offering a rich variety of dishes from the coastal belt of Karnataka and other western ghats such as, Goa, Maharashtra and Kerala.  Most of the spices and sea food come all the way from Mangalore every day go to offer freshness in every bite and sip.

Future of dining in the city

Bengaluru always surprises restaurateurs when it comes about predicting dining trends. From the success days of multi-cuisine restaurants to a sudden surge of QSR and then again coming back to speciality restaurants – the city has witnessed it all. To survive in this F&B industry, we need to be authentic yet innovative. Whether its menu, décor or service, constantly we need to bring a positive twist to surprise our consumers before they surprise us.

The city diners are very health conscious. Cultivating and serving organic fresh fruits and vegetables could be welcomed by guests. Suggestions for  budding F&B entrepreneurs: Customers are not that gullible anymore who get lured to restaurants because of design, the celebrity status – customers of today want substance on their plates and value for their money. Simplicity works the best, so sticking to the roots would be best way to showcase our work. We also need to be transparent about food and food preparations. Focus needs to be on quality, whether it’s about food or the creator behind making the food. Passion and professionalism are the only keys to survive and accomplish success in this industry.

(As told to Sudipta Dev)

NEST Howard Johnson Bengaluru Hebbal


Unique brand positioning

B Madhusudhan Nair, EAM, F&B

As the city’s most preferred business hotel, we at Howard Johnson Bengaluru Hebbal believe in creating world class guest experience as our key focus area. At NEST – All Day Dining, we offer a multi-cuisine buffet along with our chefs’ special exclusive a la carte menu as well near Manyata Tech Park. Our multi-cuisine spread is inspired by global cuisines like pan-Asian, continental, and Mediterranean with a mix of local flavours. Our flexibility in terms of cuisines makes us one of the most preferred dining venues for the corporate travellers as well as the families and social gatherings.

Exclusive offerings

At NEST – All Day Dining, we believe in upholding our motto of ‘best value at best price’ to all our guests and at the same time maintaining our standard of competition as well. When it comes to curating our menu for an event or any food festival or our regular food menu, we serve cuisines from all around the globe, be it local, Indian, continental, Mediterranean or pan-Asian. To provide guest a first-hand experience of fine dining, we have exclusive chef special live stations for guests to relish and a kids’ play area for families to unwind on Sunday afternoons. We like to believe that the guest experience in NEST-All Day Dining comes from two main aspects – the chef’s love for being the culinary wizard and our passion/ desire to serve you with the best of experiences. Our focus has always been to be a little different from the competition and last month, after closely doing our market research, we decided to go ahead with our offer of exciting food festivals like the Jackfruit and Tribal Festivals. Our special concept for the health conscious guests- ‘eat light options’ allows you to choose Continental food options that not only ensure that it is as per their expectations, but also includes a couple of dishes from our Indian cuisine coupled with a variety of innovative cocktails and mocktails that will suit every discerning taste buds. In addition, the hotel also has special ‘Value added F&B packages’ for guests from Manyata Tech Park.

Future of dining in the city

Bengaluru is a melting pot of various cuisines from around the globe, being one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country. This has allowed the consumer palette to remain open to new experiences and a wider range of cuisines. Hence, we see the dining trends in Bengaluru ever evolving, with small new food joints, from different parts of the country and the globe, springing up in every street.

Furthermore, the city is the IT hub of the country, populated with technology savvy guests who have travelled extensively and have access to the latest dining trends from across the globe and hence rightly expect world class dining experience as they are empowered with high spending power.

Also, people nowadays, due to their busy schedules are also moving towards phone applications to save time, be it by an advance table booking online, a pick up order and the like.

(As told to Sudipta Dev)

SSAFFRON Shangri-La Hotel


Unique brand positioning

Exe Chef Anurudh Khanna

Ssaffron is an authentic Indian specialty restaurant located on the 18th floor at Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru, offering royal cuisines from four regions of India. Ssafrron, aims to bring a fresh Indian restaurant experience to Bengaluru’s dining scene by combining the best of the country’s northern and southern regions. With particular focus on authentic food from Rajasthan, Punjab, Karnataka, Hyderabad and the coastal cuisines of Goa and Kerala, Ssaffron delivers an unparalleled dining experience with a modern flair. We place great importance in presenting the most authentic cuisines to our guests and hence the kitchen of every restaurant is spearheaded by the Master Chef who hails from the region of the cuisine being served. Their preparations have a touch of authenticity that is unparalleled. The indigenous culinary brigade at Ssaffron is led by the talented Chef Lakbhir Singh, who hails from the interiors of Punjab. He combines age-old recipes with advanced cooking techniques.

The city is known for its pleasant weather round the year and one of the biggest USPs of the restaurant is the clever mix of indoor and outdoor seating that offers expansive city views and dining experiences that are truly remarkable.

Exclusive offerings

Ssaffron is our award winning restaurant and has been hailed as one of the city’s most sought after gastronomical destination. It showcases the rich culinary delights from different parts of India that define the national cuisine. From tender grilled meats, succulent kebabs, curries prepared in a rich marinade of spices, assortment of Indian breads, aromatic rice to hand crafted sweets and traditional desserts, the menu celebrates time honoured culinary legacy that has dominated the royal kitchens of India.

Elevating heritage Indian dishes, guests dining at Ssafrron enjoy mouth-watering delights like Silbatta ke Tikkey, Murgh Hazari, Meen Kozhambu, Haleem Tarkari, Karuveppilai Poondu Kozhambu and Zaraja Parantha. Our traditional and contemporary sweet temptations like Chakar Ada Pradaman, Rangoli Kulfi and Khubani ka Meetha to culminate the meal turn the dining experience into a lasting memory that guests savour long after they have left and also come back for more. The city views from the alfresco seating are unparalleled and many of our guests like to dine there.


Future of dining in the city

Bengaluru has transformed immensely in terms of its food habits. While the local cuisine is the all time favourite, the influx of IT companies has not just earned the city the label of the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ but also been one of the key drivers of changing food habits. It is a cosmopolitan city with a heterogeneous mix of crowd that is also well travelled. People are willing to experiment and chefs are also dishing out fusion preparations that add a contemporary twist to traditional delicacies. Fine dining has gained prominence and multi- cuisine restaurants are also demonstrating tremendous growth.

Apart from using authentic and locally sourced ingredients, new formats of food presentation have also augmented the food industry. Fusion food, molecular gastronomy, sharing menus, palette cleansers, organic food colours and bite size portions are some of the existing food trends that have changed the way guests dine here.

(As told to Saloni Bhatia)

OLIVE BEACH The Olive Group of Restaurants


Unique positioning

Exe Chef & Partner. Manu Chandra

The 12 year-old brand has seen the growth of city’s dining scene and continues to stand out with its innovations. Set in an elegant villa the space offers an incredible alfresco lounge bar along with an intimate dining space. One of the most unique spaces of the city, it retains the property’s heritage charm. It has an exhaustive menu dedicated to  Mediterranean cuisine which successully caters to the millennials seeking new experiences. We have definitely been the leader of the pack in terms of experimenting cuisine, as the brand has stood the test of time. If one continues to cater to the guests with quality service and food while offering them a nice fresh space, it is bound to gain acceptance.

Exclusive Offerings

Olive Beach has been known for its chic atmosphere, striking interiors and rustic mediterranean feel. The place offers an expansive wine list with a vast range of international spirits, house made sodas, cocktails to go along with the exciting menu. Olive Beach’s signature cocktails include The Lavender Orchid – fresh lychee and pomegranate shaken with vodka and lavender; Angoortini- vodka muddled with fresh green grapes, sweet vermouth, sweet and sour mix, finished with pink grapefruit essence; Jimador Harvest – tequila blended with cucumber, basil, elder flower and sour mix; OB Anarchist – dark rum, Kalhua, white chocolate, vanilla and espresso with ginger.

The bar serves up an array of unconventional martinis including Orange Marmalade Martini, Lychee Curry Martini, Chili Martini and more. Also on offer are Sparkling cocktails, Signature Sangrias and a selection of mocktails as well. At ‘The Table for Eight’, innovation and contemporary menus are conjured up, which put a completely fresh spin on tasting menus.

I keep experimenting with local ingredients and Indian food at the latest venture Toast and Tonic. I have always believed in local sourcing, an idea which manifested over time and gave birth to this new venture. The food is best when it is served with fresh and local ingredients therefore we source everything which is locally available.

Future of dining in the city

I have been in the city for more than a decade and I believe that it is an interesting market to work in. Bengaluru has always been a more mature market than other urban cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

Bengaluru has always been more adventurous when it comes to food. Looking at the city’s cultural history, concepts like microbreweries pubs, rock culture, were introduced here first before expansions to other metros. The people are open minded and willing to experiment with cuisines.Therefore the prices and menus have been designed in that manner. I can see the trend continuing where people are looking for good quality experiences.

India lacks major vendors for the hospitality industry as majority of machines are sourced internationally. For better growth it is important that companies focus on post buying service for restaurants and expand their production centres to India as it is a huge growing market.

(As told to Saloni Bhatia)

BENE Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway


Unique brand positioning

Mohammed Khan, Director, F&B

Bene has positioned itself as the city’s leading Italian Restaurant and also a leading restaurant amongst 10,309 restaurants in Bengaluru. It was also recently recognised as the Best European Restaurant in the city by EazyDiner People’s Choice award. Bene has additionally been chosen as HALO Italian Restaurant from Bangalore by Marriott International, South Asia.

Exclusive offerings

The menu has influences from the Head Chef Giuseppe Lioce’s home town Bari and other South Italian delicacies along with North Italian classics like Carbonara, Lasagna, Tiramisu, etc. Some of the innovative concepts at the restaurant include:

Aperitivo Evenings: The experience of the Aperitivo is a consolidated Italian tradition. Literally, Aperitivo is a pre-meal drink the scope of which is to stimulate appetite, but it has come to signify the ritual of going out for a drink at one of the many bars that offer it, throughout the peninsula. “Facciamoci un Aperitivo” (Let’s have an Aperitivo) is what you hear all the time – the most casual way to meet up with friends or even blind dates.

For Italians, Aperitivo is a glorious couple of hours – generally between 7 pm and 9 pm – when they can relax post-work over a glass of wine or Campari and some snacks. For visitors, hitting up an Aperitivo can be just as useful. The food for an Aperitivo is not supposed to replace your dinner. Aperitivo can be divided into alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and the most popular ones are the Campari, Aperol, Americano, Spritz and the Negroni. Although wine is also an acceptable type of Aperitivo, sparkling wines are preferred such as Brachetto or Fragolino (red wine) and a Prosecco or a Spumante (white wine).

Grandmother Table Brunch: In Italy on every Sunday the entire family and friends get together to have lunch cooked by the grandmother. This encourages the younger ones to get to know the culinary secrets of grandmother’s recipes along with the Italian culture and tradition of their elders. Guests are allowed to share table with other guests, wherein they can socialise, share experiences, learn a new culture and have fun while enjoying Chef Giuseppe’s curated blind tasting menu. The blind set menu on the table includes options for vegetarian and non-vegetarians guests.

Future of dining in the city

Every day, the doors of a new restaurant open up in Bengaluru, but what is even more exciting to see are the evolving trends in cuisine as well as in the dining experience. The city has an inclination for welcoming every culinary experiment with open arms – from molecular gastronomy on offer, to the overnight-cooked Lamb Ragout in an authentic Italian restaurant like Bene. Food is not only for thought here, but quite literally, the only thought. Here are some exciting new trends in cooking and eating that diners can look forward to:

Innovative cuisine – authentic cuisines like Indian, Asian etc., are presented and served with modern twist.

Sophisticated beers – what’s a good meal without a great drink? For a city that loves its beers, the sudden growth spurt in breweries seemed natural.

Flexible menus (customised) with friendly and informal dining places.

(As told to Sudipta Dev)

ITALIA The Park Bangalore


Unique brand positioning

Sr Sous Chef Baseer Ahmed

An award-winning dining restaurant at The Park Bangalore, it has been serving fine Italian food for more than a decade. Our chefs have trained at the Italian Culinary Institute and have been mentored by none other than Antonio Carluccio, known as the Godfather of Italian gastronomy. Since its launch in 2001 we have preserved the original rustic appeal, the food at Italia is bold and satisfying made using authentic ingredients. Italia was conferred the prestigious “Ospitalita Italiana Seal”. It is recognition of the authenticity of the Italian cuisine, ambiance and fine dining experience that Italia offers. Our curated regional Italian specialty promotions encompass the diversity of the regions of Italy and a wide selection of wines makes Italia an endearing choice for our patrons.

Dedicated to serving authentic Italian cuisine, the brunch at Italia promises a gastronomical journey like no other. Encounter an array of great flavours, exotic tastes and sensuous aromas that are especially created for connoisseurs of Italian cuisine. The classic ambiance, high quality and fresh ingredients, coupled with attentive and great service with wine make it a winner all the way! Deriving inspiration from the traditional Roman kitchen, the lunch menu offers a selection of antipasti and cold buffet, along with pizzas, pasta, risotto, vegetarian and non-vegetarian main course and signature desserts including the all-time favourite Tiramisu.

Exclusive offerings

Our exclusive offering is the age old wines from all different places like Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, California, Argentina, South Africa, Chile. Italia is themed décor from movie Godfather, giving it a rustic, black and white look. We also host food promotions every month on each province of Italy so that our guests have more to taste. We have created some of our signature dishes like – John Dory fish and parma ham with creamy spinach and balsamic dressing; Involtini de melanzane (rolled eggplant with fresh mozzarella, kitchen garden organic basil and tomato sugo); Risotto porcini e Rucola (creamy Arborio rice with porcini mushroom topped with rocket leaves and balsamic cream); Tortellini mare e Monte (homemade cheese tortellini with creamy porcini and shrimps sauce). The secret of our cooking is we use our own fresh herbs and lettuce which is grown in our organic kitchen garden.


Future of dining in the city

Bengaluru has always been a food and pub loving city, the city is all about eating out. The food service industry is growing at a rate of 15 per cent to 20 per cent annually. The joy of experiential eating has become a new trend; new places have brought innovative eating experience. Hotels are now trying to cope up with standalone restaurants and are trying to get a whole different feeling of fine dining or casual dining called as “the joy of eating” experience. Spicy and tangy are the two words that describe the cuisines of this southern Indian state. Another interesting development in the restaurant industry in the city is the rise of niche restaurants serving specific cuisines and specialties, whereas hotels also have outlets with specialty cuisines as we have Italia at The Park Bangalore.

Bengaluru has also seen the food moving from street to online space and picked up well, as the number of IT companies here are more and also not to forget the city traffic. All in all we see a good future when it comes to food in Bengaluru.

(As told to Sudipta Dev)

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