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Celebrating global food festivals in Pune

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Chef Ilandhirai Vadivel, executive chef, at Radisson Blu Hinjawadi, spoke with Akshay Nayak telling about the various upcoming F&B experiences chalked by him and his team, to immerse the guests in a global gastronomic tour in Pune

Chef Ilandhirai Vadivel

What were the initial challenges and opportunities while pursuing culinary arts?
I was very comfortable working in the kitchen since I was eagerly involved in cooking. Also, I found housekeeping and other services to be quite tough for me, hence cooking was the best bet I found while pursuing the initial years of my career.

Who inspired you to join the hospitality industry?
I am inspired by my grandmother and mother to have a leaning towards curating food. My grandmother was the best chef for me. I always involved myself joyfully while she cooked during my school days. While pursuing my higher secondary, I learned through my mother about a professional culinary course. She suggested me to pursue my career in culinary arts, and since then there has been no looking back.

How dynamic is the visitors’ taste profile in the Pune market? How do you cater to the same at Radisson Blu Pune Hinjawadi?
We are located in Hi-tech city, wherein most of the residents here are well-travelled and are very much aware of the global flavours. We are doing world cuisines since the travellers are from various countries around the world.

What are the new food festivals planned at the hotel?
At Radisson Blu Hinjawadi, we have one or the other diverse food festival every month. We also have different concepts for brunch. In the forthcoming months, we are devising set up of food festivals presenting cuisines like Hyderabadi, Karavali, October feast, Italian carnival, etc.

What would you suggest to the aspiring young chefs? What is the future roadmap for your hotel?
I always give one advice to the aspiring chefs in their initial stages of cooking – Food is cooked from the heart and not by hand; no food is cooked without proper ingredients. We are well known in the market for wedding, social events and corporate events and hence will leverage by providing vivid F&B experience to our guests.


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