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An Extreme Love Of Coffee

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By Harish Bhat

Harish Bhat’s new book ‘An Extreme Love of Coffee’ was recently launched. Celebrating the beautiful beverage that excites and sustains millions of Indians, young and old, for the first time ever in India, the book takes readers on an exciting journey from the coffee plantations of Coorg to graveyards in Japan, in a search for treasure, which is at the heart of this fast-paced adventure story. Published by Penguin Random House India, this title is Bhat’s debut novel. He has earlier authored the book ‘Tata Log’.
“Anyone who loves coffee will love this unique story, which brings alive magic in your steaming cup of coffee. Through the pages of this novel, you will enjoy so many interesting and varied flavours of Indian coffee, and I am sure you will be enchanted by all of them. You will join a young couple, Rahul and Neha, in their search for secret treasure, accompanied by a friendly coffee ghost and pursued by sword-bearing strangers. This novel is all about discovery of coffee, adventure, travel and a streak of romance. Everyone will enjoy this coffee-drenched story!,” said Bhat.

An excerpt from the book:

The coffee was softly sweet and refreshing. And then, slowly, they sensed the nutty aroma – of walnuts, mild but deliciously bitter. Rahul knew from his readings about coffee that such a delicate sweetness could only come from a fully ripened coffee berry that had been carefully picked and pulped on the ground under bright, clean summer sunshine. Because then the richness of the raw soil would mingle with the golden heat of the sand and soak in the sun to create this rare, luxurious and nutty taste.The myriad tastes of coffee continued to amaze him, each one so different from the previous and each teasing the senses so delicately. He decided to use this opportunity to educate Neha, who sat nice and close by his side.
‘How do you like the old lady’s coffee, Neha? Isn’t it so beautiful? Can you taste the walnuts?’


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